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Chapter News
Northern Beaches National Organising Stand 08/09/10
Mid North Coast Forum Update 25/08/10
Report on the March Meeting of the Melbourne Forum (Chapter) 04/03/10
Melbourne Forum off to a ROCKING start! 03/02/10
Melbourne Forum Meeting - March - RSVP & submit your question now! 28/01/10
Melbourne Forum Meeting Dates for 2010 20/01/10
Inaugural Mid North Coast (NSW) Forum Meeting 10/01/10
WA Forum News October 2009 30/10/09
Member News
Clutterfly - Georgie Rees - featured in Australian Financial Review 08/09/15
Clutterfly - Georgie Rees - featured in Woman's Day Magazine. 30/08/15
Kristina Duke, Decluttering Diva is featured in Fernwood Fitness Magazine 09/08/15
Clutterfly - Georgie Rees - Interviewed on Kinderling Radio talks about kids & toy organisation in the home 04/07/15
Conquering clutter – how busy mums can tame the toys. Clutterfly - Georgie Rees 03/05/15
Melissa Sleegers on hoarding, news.com.au, 24 April 2014 24/04/15
Laundry organisation top tips from Georgie Rees of Clutterfly for Yours Magazine (Part 1) 16/03/15
Laundry organisation top tips from Georgie Rees of Clutterfly for Yours Magazine (Part 2) 16/03/15
Clear clutter and restore order - Georgie Rees of Clutterfly shares her top tips 09/01/15
Melissa Sleegers on hoarding, Channel 9 Mornings, 24 September 2014 24/09/14
Organise our Belongings-ABC 774 Jon Faine 17/09/14
Find Your Passion - Make Room For Inspiration - Clutterfly - Georgie Rees 17/09/14
ABC 1233 Newcastle Radio Interview 01/09/14
How to be more organised book released on Amazon 03/07/14
Diva wants to declutter - and this time its personal 12/06/14
Out with the old, in with neat and tidy 29/04/14
The home office: do you have the self-discipline to make it work? - Melissa Sleegers on the Officeworks Blog 11/04/14
Maximise your time - Louise D'Allura in Weight Watchers Magazine 27/02/14
What’s for Dinner - Louise D’Allura – 612 ABC Brisbane Radio 05/02/14
Garage & garden shed organisation - Georgie Rees of Clutterfly shares her top tips 20/12/13
What type of Meal Planner are you? Louise D’Allura on 612 ABC Brisbane Radio 30/09/13
A well organised FIFO household = A happy FIFO home 03/09/13
Too Busy to Cook - Louise D’Allura on ABC Sunshine Coast (Radio) 28/08/13
Grandparents Rescue 15/08/13
Decline of Cooking Skills - Louise D’Allura on 612 ABC Brisbane Radio Interview 13/08/13
Singapore Straits Times - How to avoid stumbling on the ladder of success? 05/06/13
Juggling dual careers - all in a days work for this Professional Organiser 21/03/13
What’s in our Food - Louise D’Allura Radio Interview – 96.5 FM (Brisbane) 01/03/13
What are you Feeding Your Family: Louise D’Allura Radio Interview – ABC Southern Queensland Radio Interview 20/02/13
Messy Rooms - Clutter Rescue in Family Health Magazine 01/02/13
11 Steps to Turn Clutter Into Cash - Clutter Rescue in that's life! Magazine 16/01/13
Singapore The Peak magazine - Secrets of the successful CEO 22/12/12
Coast gets Eco Organised! 01/12/12
Time to Tidy - Business Profile Organising You - November 2012 01/11/12
2RRR 88.5 FM Radio Interview - Clutter Rescue 28/10/12
Time for a Clean Up 01/10/12
Love Your Laundry 01/10/12
Tawa Mum finds career in mess of others 26/09/12
7 Easy steps to Spring Cleaning by PaperClip Professional Organisers 30/08/12
Time Savers - Today Tonight Perth 2 August 202 06/08/12
The 10R's 01/08/12
Renew your resolve (Weight Loss) - Louise D'Allura in Weight Watchers Magazine 01/08/12
52 ways to triple your storage space 07/07/12
Clutter Free Living - Clutter Rescue in Mindful Parenting Magazine 01/07/12
Get Your Wedding Plans Back on Track- Louise D'Allura in Cosmopolitan Bride - Winter 2012 01/06/12
From Stuffed to Sorted is featured in HOME section of Herald Sun Melb 19 May 2012 20/05/12
From Stuffed to Sorted is Home Beautiful's Book of the Month - June 2012 18/05/12
Home staging – How to sell your home faster and for more money 09/05/12
How to Master Meal Planning - Louise D'Allura in Weight Watchers Magazine 01/05/12
Rescuing Busy Mums from the Chaos of Clutter 01/05/12
From Stuffed to Sorted Book Review 11/04/12
Solutions to Clear Your Desk 02/04/12
Clutter Cutters 30/03/12
Asian Professional Organisers headlined in Home & Decor Singapore 29/03/12
Cut The Clutter - LessMess on ACA 24/01/12
Detox Your Year - Louise D'Allura The Revamp Experience in Marie Claire (online) 09/01/12
Danger Zones - Asian Professional Organisers in Home & Decor, Singapore 02/01/12
Creative Surrounds - Simplifying Your Christmas, Sydney Observer 18/12/11
Mark Bouris loves Paper Flow 14/12/11
Clutter Rescue Radio Interview - MTR 1377 AM 04/12/11
20 Ways to a Healthy 2012 - Louise D'Allura in Body and Soul 01/12/11
The Top Slimming Tips of 2011 - Louise D'Allura in Weight Watchers Magazine 01/12/11
Clutter Busters - Clutter Rescue on Channel 10 News Brisbane 18/11/11
Creative Surrounds - An Expert in Clutter is at Your Disposal 01/11/11
Creative Surrounds - Living Local Spring Cleaning 2011 01/11/11
Get Organised on 'A Current Affair' 06/09/11
May 2010 - Clover Pages For Richer for Greener by Sue Blake 26/08/11
February 2011 - Jewellery World Selling Style by Sue Blake 26/08/11
November 2009 - In Place Magazine Ready Set Organise by Sue Blake 26/08/11
Creative Surrounds - One Week to Get a Home in Top Order! 26/08/11
Angela Hunter, Karen Koedding and Carolyn McCallum in the SMH 25/08/11
Clear Space Organising on FIVEaa radio 24/08/11
Clutter control: planning the perfect pantry 23/08/11
Prevention Magazine - Is Your Kitchen Making You Fat? 12/08/11
Healthy Kitchen Makeover - Louise D'Allura in Weight Watchers Magazine 01/06/11
Believe in Yourself - Roz Howland 01/06/11
Creative Surrounds - Reclaim Your Garage, Daily Telegraph 23/05/11
Put The Eco into Deco 01/04/11
On the House: How to give your home a welcome makeover - Louise D'Allura in Weight Watchers Magazine 01/04/11
Creative Surrounds - Remove clutter and start your restyling adventure! 01/03/11
Orderely Fashion 28/02/11
Memories by Charlie Chapman from The Organised Family 24/02/11
The Organised Family - a Clutter Free Christmas 24/02/11
Your 2011 Checklist: 52 Weeks of health and happiness Louise D'Allura in Weight Watchers Magazine 01/01/11
Creative Surrounds - Letting Go of Clutter, Sydney Home Magazine 06/12/10
Room to move: How to create a bigger office 16/11/10
Time saving techniques 11/11/10
Organize Your Life Featured in Herald Sun 04/11/10
Roz Howland - Stay Organised! 01/11/10
Roz Howland Spring Fling!! 29/10/10
Wardrobes That Work 17/09/10
Creative Surrounds - Getting organised doesn't have to be a problem 02/09/10
Organised Clutter in the Illawarra Mercury 30/08/10
Roz Howland - Set Your Organising Priorities - 25 August 24/08/10
Cluttered homes alienate prospective home buyers, survey reveals 24/08/10
The Prefect Pantry - Roz Howland 16/08/10
Men and Organisation with the Organised Family 16/08/10
Vision and Values with The Organised Family 30/07/10
Why Do You Want to Be Organised?? Roz Howland 21/07/10
Order is Child's Play! - Roz Holwand - 12 July 15/07/10
Routines Vs Rituals with The Organised Family 08/07/10
Cleo mag - Confessions of a Hoarder 24/06/10
Staying Sane during Winter with The Organised Family 16/06/10
Love Your Bin!! Roz Howland 15 June 15/06/10
Asking for Help with The Organised Family 02/06/10
Banish the Backlog - Roz Howland May 2010 01/06/10
Paper Paper Everywhere - Louise D'Allura in Brisbane Circle 01/06/10
OrganiseEasy announces the arrival of Happeez by MayFair Lane 19/05/10
Menu Planning with The Organised Family 19/05/10
The Aftermath of the School Holidays by The Organised Family 10/05/10
Home Office Organising - Roz Howland - May 2010 05/05/10
Is Dinner Like a MasterChef Pressure Test? Louise D'Allura in Brisbane Circle 01/05/10
Working Order - Roz Howland - Insurance & Risk Professional Journal 28/04/10
Virtual Organising - Roz Howland 23 April 2010 23/04/10
Clean out for calm. Marianne Shenton - Home Matters 20/04/10
Mothers Day with The Organised Family in St Ives Village Life 19/04/10
Organised Life! Roz Howland 6 April 2010 06/04/10
Organised Kitchen. Marianne Shenton - Home Matters 31/03/10
Roz Howland Decluttering 13 March 13/03/10
Recent Organize Your Life Press 02/03/10
Lisa Arnell – ABC Radio Interview on successfully organising kids’ rooms 25/02/10
Linda Eagleton - Responsible Disposal story in Manly Daily 25/02/10
Organising your Workspace. Marianne Shenton - Home Matters 20/02/10
5 Ways to be More Organised Roz Howland 17/02/10
Organise your workspace. Marianne Shenton Home Matters 13/02/10
Expert tips for perfect robes. Marianne Shenton - Home Matters 05/02/10
Get organised for healthy eating - Louise D'Allura in Brisbane Circle 01/02/10
Angela Esnouf on How to beat the first-day blues 24/01/10
Little Miss Sorted interview on ABC radio - 23 Jan 2010 @ 10:40am 22/01/10
Little Miss Sorted in the Media 20/01/10
Roz Howland - What's your Excuse? 18/01/10
Roz Howland - Disorganisation: What's Your Excuse?? 13/01/10
Kitchen YearBook - Roz Howland 12/01/10
How to get your menu in top order - Louise D'Allura in Northside Chronicle 23/12/09
Roz Howland - What's your organising style? 17/11/09
Linda Eagleton in the Manly Daily 06/11/09
The On-Staff Organizer - Roz Howland 06/11/09
Ready Set Organise 01/11/09
Membership Fees 27/02/15
National Organising Week 8-14 September 30/08/14
Inaugural Singapore National Organising Week in daily newspaper Straits Times 24/08/12
Professional organising and AAPO gaining firm foothold in Asia. 16/07/12
Conference 2011 Photos 12/02/11
Important: Phishing Emails 16/11/10
Conference Update 02/02/10
Conference 2011 Sponsors 02/02/10
Add Your Event Now 05/01/10
Member Logins 30/12/09
Don't forget about Accreditation. 18/12/09

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Membership Fees
AAPO President Narelle Todd wrote to members on 27 February...
National Organising Week 8-14 September
AAPO is proud to announce the 8th annual National Organising...
Inaugural Singapore National Organising Week in daily newspaper Straits Times
As a pre-cursor to the Extra Space Singapore National Organising...