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APDO UK - Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers UK 

BooND - Büroorganisation Büroordnung Netzwerk Deutschland 

ICD - Institute for Challenging Disorganization 

JALO - Japanese Association of Life Organisers

NAPO - The National Association of Professional Organizers

NBPO - Nederlandse Beroepsvereniging van Professional Organizers

POAA - Professional Organisers Association Africa 

POC - Professional Organisers in Canada

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About AAPO

The Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO) was incorporated in November 2005 as a non profit organisation to educate the public about Professional Organising and benefit members by growing the industry.

Our committee is made up of volunteer members from two counties, across several different time zones, but we all share one thing in common: we're passionate about organising, growing our industry and professional development.

In 2011 we developed AAPO's first Strategic Plan. The process of doing this has given us clarity about the direction of the Committee and how we can best assist our members. Each Portfolio is managed by a Committee member and has a uniform structure.

See AAPO Strategic Direction 2013

See AAPO Strategic Plan 2011 - 2012

See AAPO Organisational Chart

President - Narelle Todd

Hi I’m Narelle Todd and the current President of AAPO. I have been a member of AAPO since 2006 and am AAPO’s 1st Expert Professional Organiser. I am also an Apple geek, love travelling and can often be heard saying “It’s all good”.

I have been active in AAPO as Brisbane Forum Leader, Virtual Forum Leader, Accreditation Sub Committee Member, and Forum Leaders’ Leader.

I started Successful Living in 2004 and currently work in the corporate organisation & productivity space offering coaching, workshops and keynote speaking and in the home organising space with a digital magazine. I also coach Professional Organisers.

I have previously worked in Human Resources and Learning & Development Management. I hold a Masters of Training & Development and am an accredited coach.

My vision for AAPO is to build & grow on the unique opportunities we have as an industry, promote organising through strategic alliances & media, foster professional development in both organising & business development & continue to encourage AAPO & its members to innovate & build strong businesses. I believe our success is based on the ability to adapt to change, to be fully engaged and to bring new ideas to life.

Contact AAPO President 


Vice President - Amanda Lecaude

Amanda Lecaude established Organising You in Melbourne several years ago and is often told by those around her that she’s a born organiser with excellent time management skills.  In her business Amanda now uses these skills to help others achieve balance in their home and work environments and takes genuine pleasure in seeing how the results make a difference to the lives of her clients.

Amanda is looking forward to her second term in the role of Vice President and to wrok with the dedicated Executive Committee. She would like to continue the great work achieved by previous members including the numerous volunteers who have contributed so much to AAPO over the years.

Over the next 12 months Amanda would like to focus on providing leadership and continuity to help achieve the Association’s strategic goals.  Along with Amanda’s experience in strengthening policies and procedures, she has the intention of supporting all members and the growth of the Association in general.

Amanda is also looking forward to confidently communicating these goals with the members as well as creating greater awareness of AAPO in the wider community. 

Contact AAPO Vice President


Secretary - Lois McLachlan

After 20 years in corporate accounting and Leadership roles, Lois decided to change direction and retrain as a Coach & Facilitator. This led to her facilitating a corporate productivity program for the past 9 years, which tied in nicely with her love of being organised. In early 2012 she decided to expand her coaching and organising offering to individuals and small business.  

Lois joined AAPO in May 2012 whilst establishing her business Clear the Decks! She loved her first AAPO conference that year and is an active member of the Melbourne forum. 

Lois finds it extremely valuable to be involved with her “tribe”, so decided to join the AAPO Executive to make a greater contribution beyond simply membership.

Lois brings her previous experience as a member (Treasurer) of the Board, and the Victorian Chapter, of the International Coach Federation Australasia.

She is extremely impressed with the commitment and work done in the past 9 years by the previous Executive Committees and plans to work with the current committee to maintain the high standard to take the Association forward.

Contact AAPO Secretary 


Treasurer - Chantal Imbach

Chantal Imbach’s motto is ‘Don’t panic – Organise!’. She continually developed her skills and gained valuable experience during her 20-year career as a Personal Assistant, Office Manager and Financial Controller.

After becoming a parent, relocating from Switzerland to Australia and being a volunteer and member of several committees, she decided to follow her passion for organising. To her, being organised does not mean living in a display home but living a simpler life.

She founded Simply In Order in 2012 and offers hands-on assistance, virtual consultations and workshops in the Melbourne area. Straight away she became an active AAPO member and is working towards becoming an accredited member.

I believe the professionalism of the career path for Professional Organisers will yield valuable gains for us all. I am sure it will become even more important in the future, considering how many new members AAPO has welcomed recently and how fast the industry is growing.

'I look forard to serving as AAPO's Treasurer for another term and to be part of AAPO's future.'

Contact AAPO Treasurer


Events - Robyn Schulz

We all have dreams. The passion behind my life, my business and my involvement with AAPO is to recognise and encourage potential; helping people achieve the life they dream of.

My business Entirely Organised brings a practical, sustainable approach to Lifestyle, Time, Home Office and Small Business Management empowering people to succeed.

I established my professional organising business in 2007 and have been an active member of AAPO ever since. With a background in Physiotherapy and over 25 years in small business I strongly believe in the credibility and professionalism a strong industry association brings to individual businesses. 

“As a growing industry I feel we all benefit from having passionate and talented members forming a professional and influential voice in the community and business world.”

I am an Accredited Expert Member of AAPO and have held the position of Qld Forum Coordinator from 2009-11, was part of the Conference subcommittee in 2009, a member of the National Organising Week committee in 2011, NOW Chair in 2012 and am excited about serving a third term as a General Committee Member.  

“I look forward to further developing opportunities for our association that will showcase our industry and the skills of our members, particularly on a national platform.”

Contact AAPO Events


Marketing - Kristina Duke

Hi, my name is Kristina Duke and I am excited to be taking the role of Marketing Chair and further the awareness in AAPO and the Professional Organising industry as a whole to the general public.

I have been a SAHM with three kids and DIDO husband for many years and have learnt the importance of organization, systems and the freedom of living a more decluttered life. I always knew I wanted to help people and after watching Peter Walsh on Oprah over the years, I discovered my calling. 

I started my Bachelor in Behavioral Studies (Psychology) in 2012 but felt the urge to put that hold and just get started helping people, so in September 2013 I started my business Decluttering Diva

I joined AAPO and quickly volunteered for the PR subcommittee.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of securing sponsors, finding fresh ideas for social media and learning from this industry’s leaders. I look forward to continuing with this and more in my new role.

When I’m not working with clients or doing my mum duties, I love to DIY, sing, Facebook, write my blog and continue my education.

Contact AAPO Marketing


Membership - Debbie Buckley

I’ve been an AAPO member for 2.5 years now as long as I’ve had my business, Your Life My Time; a business incorporating lifestyle management, personal concierge services as well as professional organisation. It was important for me to be a part of a National Organisation as I wanted to learn from experts, be able to network with other industry leaders and participate in professional development specific to our industry.   

In my first year, I jumped into the Queensland Forum Leader’s role as 2IC, a role I’ve held close to 2 years now. I’ve attended the last 2 Conferences and was very excited to hear the Gold Coast announced as the 2014 venue. It’s been an honour and fabulous experience being the Conference Chair for the 2014 Conference, leading an incredible team of enthusiastic Organisers generously giving of themselves for the benefit of AAPO members.  

I’m very much looking forward to my time as Membership Portfolio Manager working with another team of dedicated volunteers within the AAPO ranks and assisting the National Executive to continue the work of past executive members. 

Contact AAPO Membership


Professional Development - Sharon McWilliams

My name is Sharon McWilliams, founder of All Things Organised

I have run my own businesses for the past 14 years whilst being a Stay at Home Mum.  I love working with people to help them realise their full potential.  My passions are expressed through my coaching, planning, time management and my organisational skills which are led by my positive you can do it attitude. 

I joined AAPO in March 2012 and in 2013 was on the Professional Development Sub Committee. I am thrilled to fill the position of Professional Development Portfolio Manager for 2014/2015.  I am really looking forward to working with the team to add to the PD that is available for AAPO members.

I feel honoured to be working with such a dynamic group of ladies in both the PD Sub Committee and the Executive.  It will be great to see what we can all achieve to help our fellow members accomplish their personal and business goals.

Contact AAPO Professional Development


Public Relations - Melissa Sleegers

I discovered the world of professional organising in 2012 and knew it was for me immediately.  I then had the fortune of meeting the then President of AAPO and quickly signed up to the Association whilst I was still in the throes of getting my business up and running – I couldn’t wait!

I volunteered for the Conference Subcommittee shortly thereafter and have continued to volunteer ever since within the PR portfolio.  Volunteering has allowed me to network with industry leaders and form some great friendships whilst also making a broader contribution to the industry.  I look forward to extending this as one of your representatives on the Executive.

My business, Allsorts Organising, was established in late 2012.  Our clients, including those from the community sector, come to us because we understand the challenges of disorganisation and work in partnership with our clients to establish and achieve their organising goals.  We specialise in complex cases, including working with those who struggling with hoarding issues.

I gained my Expert accreditation in March 2015 and continue my professional development daily, whether that is learning from my clients or through formal training.

Contact AAPO Public Relations


Immediate Past President - Carol Martyn

Carol Martyn from Dr DeClutter often hears her family say she must’ve been born with a clipboard in her hand.  Like most members, she was organising long before the term “Professional Organiser” was coined.  When Carol came across AAPO, she found likeminded individuals equally passionate about supporting clients on their journey to reduce clutter. 

With Dr DeClutter you can download the complimentary 7 Secrets to Organising and read the latest blogs to find solutions for organising space, time and people.

Dr DeClutter‘s based in Melbourne and offers a professional and personalised service, specialising in working with clients to achieve organising solutions that are low cost and easy to use.  Consultations with Dr DeClutter are conducted by Professional Organiser, Carol Martyn, who’s an Accredited Accomplished Member of AAPO. 

Carol has thoroughly enjoyed serving the Association through the various roles on the Executive Committee and her achievements to date include:

  • Immediate Past President - 2014/2015

  • President - 2013/2014

  • Vice President - 2012/2013

  • Conference Sub-Committee Melbourne - 2012

As IPP Carol looks forward to continuing to grow and promote our industry and to support AAPO fulfil its’ vision to be ‘internationally recognised as Australasia’s premier industry association for leading and developing Professional Organisers.’

Contact AAPO Immediate Past President


NOW Chair – Vacant

Conference Chair – Debbie Buckley

Accreditation Chair -  Karen Healy

Professional Development Chair – Sharon McWilliams

Forums Chair – Angela Esnouf

PR Chair – Melissa Sleegers

Marketing Chair - Kristina Duke

Social Media Co-ordinator – Vacant

Social Media Co-ordinator Assistant - Stefanie Karageorges

Website Co-ordinator – Laurel Grey

Forum Meetings

AAPO has Forums in many parts of Australasia. Prospective members are invited to attend a Forum meeting to meet members and learn more about AAPO. Contact a Forum Leader to make arrangements.

Forum Co-ordinators

Forum Co-ordinators & Assistants


Brisbane (QLD) - Forum Co-ordinator

Rosemary Hooper

Brisbane (QLD) - Asst. Forum Co-ordinator

Position Vacant

Melbourne (VIC) - Forum Co-ordinator

Sue Ryan

Melbourne (VIC) - Asst. Forum Co-ordinator

Robyn Amott

Perth (WA) - Forum Co-ordinator

Jude Newberry

Perth (WA) - Asst. Forum Co-ordinator

Michelle Armer

Sydney (NSW) - Forum Co-ordinator

Jillian Hannon

Sydney (NSW) - Asst. Forum Co-ordinator

Nadine Wood

Adelaide (SA) - Forum Co-ordinator

Julie Lowe

Adelaide (SA) - Asst. Forlum Co-ordinator

Tracey Warren

Virtual - Forum Co-ordinator

Kristy Dillon

Virtual - Asst. Forum Co-ordinator

Position Vacant


AAPO President's Award Hall of Fame

Each year at AAPO’s annual conference, the President bestows an award to recognise outstanding service to AAPO and the organising industry in Australasia.  Congratulations to all recipients of the President’s Award.  Your contribution is much appreciated.


2014   Angela Esnouf

2013    Bec Johnston

2012    Leslee Stroud

2011    Roz Howland

2010    Sarah Cottman

2009    Wendy Davie  

2008    Wendy Hanes 

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