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Conquering the plastic mountain

New year, new plastic containers. Does your plastics drawer need a good clean out? Check out these tips from AAPO Expert Member Melissa Sleegers from Allsorts Organising to help you organise your plastics drawer.
Filed under Decluttering \ Tips

10 tips to keep a neat wardrobe

3rd Feb 16
Do you have "nothing to wear" despite an overflowing wardrobe? Creating a beautifully organised wardrobe is achievable by following these tips from AAPO Member Lucia Sharrad, Perfect Chaos. Click here to see Lucia's blog.
Filed under Decluttering \ Tips

Boxing Day Roasting for Clutter Busters Not Cricket

Boxing Day Roasting for Clutter Busters Not Cricket - Open Letter to Denise Cullen Dear Denise, Thank you for your article in the Sydney Morning Herald on December 26th which was a great Boxing Day read. As President of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for shining a light on the issue of clutter that many working families, students and business owners...

Are you wondering what to get your grandparent, parent, favourite aunt/uncle or special loved one this Xmas?

If your loved one is at the stage in their life where it is more about downsizing than upsizing, maybe you notice they have lots of stuff in their home or they have mentioned to you they are a little overwhelmed with their “things”, then please think carefully before giving “stuff” presents to them for Xmas – gifting of yourself and your time may be the best gift of all. As...
Filed under Tips

Time Management Lessons Learned From A Taekwondo Grading

December is always a good time to reflect on what has happened during the year. 2015 was marked for me by my 2nd dan grading in taekwondo. I’m pleased of course not only for the achievement itself but also for all the learnings that came with this journey. I’ll focus here on the 3 main lessons that I’ve learned or been reminded of and that can be transferred to an organising...
Filed under Tips

The Hunt for Everlasting Happiness Can Start in Your Home

Have you noticed that all of us are on the search for everlasting happiness? I wanted to write about this from the perspective of decluttering and organising. How I’ve observed it in my job with my clients and for myself. Click here to read more from Virginia Wells, Well Sorted Professional Organiser
Filed under Tips

Clutterless Gift Ideas

Being a declutterer, I am an advocate for giving gifts that wont clutter up your friends/families home. Sometimes we put in a lot of thought into gift giving, other times we fall victim to the pressure of giving ‘something’ for the sake of it. This of course, can lead to clutter! So, before buying gifts this Christmas, do some planning. Grab a cuppa, a notebook and pen and brainstorm. Write a...

The Importance of Boundaries

I’m often asked by the media for my “top tips” to stay organised and on top of clutter. My number one is always about boundaries. I think they are the one key to decluttering, getting organised and staying organised and clutter-free. When we grow up we learn boundaries; most of them social. We learn not to ask elderly ladies embarrassing questions about body parts at the supermarket, or to not hit...
Filed under Decluttering \ Tips

Wardrobe Organisation in 5 Easy Steps

Can you feel the change in the air? The warmer weather is approaching and many of us are starting to think about changing what we wear and possibly putting away our winter clothing for another year. Unfortunately we often get teased during spring and have to endure several seasons in the coming weeks but be assured the sunshine and warmth isn’t too far away! Click here to read more from Expert...
Filed under Tips

How to get organised - Get an Accountability Buddy

Whichever organising goal you’re aiming for, being accountable to someone for your actions (and inactions!) will help you succeed. Click here to read more from Expert AAPO Member Angela Esnouf, Creating Order From Chaos.
Filed under Tips
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