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2010 AAPO President's Report, June 30th, 2010


As I look back on the year that’s past I feel a great sense of pride and gratitude.  Pride for the work that’s been undertaken by all our dedicated members and gratitude for the support I've received.

So with pride and gratitude, I list AAPO’s accomplishments for the 2009/2010 year.

  • Membership has grown slightly, with 200 active members and more pending.
  • 4 members have achieved Accomplished accreditation level and 18 members have been awarded Expert level.
  • The 2nd Dymo NOW (National Organising Week) with increased participation by industry partners and a commitment to develop and grow this celebration of organising further.
  • The 2009 Conference in Brisbane was our 4th, and a great success, with record attendance and a high degree of delegate satisfaction.
  • An Affiliation agreement between AAPO and NSGCD was signed at the conference, and we were honoured to have the President of NSGCD, Kit Anderson, in attendance and sharing her expertise.
  • The President’s Award was presented at the conference to Wendy Davie for her commitment to the innovation and growth of the organising industry on a global scale.
  • Our 2010 Conference is to be held in Christchurch, as we are truly an Australasian association.  Registrations are well underway and it’s bound to be an engaging learning and networking experience.
  • Our Chapters became Forums in a name-switch aimed at better reflecting the role these networks play for our members locally.  As well, we welcomed new forums – Northern Beaches, Mid-North Coast, Hobart and Christchurch. For all our members who find it difficult to attend a forum meeting in person, we now also have the Virtual Forum.
  • AAPO’s new website was launched with many improvements over the old one.  Members can now add events and news items directly.  There’s a quiz to engage the public and a President’s blog to update members and public alike on industry and AAPO happenings.  The online discussion forum is more user-friendly and the members only resources are increasing all the time.  The biggest changes and improvements to the website are those not visible to the naked eye.  The “back end”, with its CRM capabilities and ease of use, has received a significant boost, making administration quicker and easier, and most importantly more secure.  Not all has gone smoothly and there are still more improvements we’d like to see.  I'm pleased to say those changes will take place within 2 weeks.
  • Our Public Relations sub-committee has developed a strategic plan, now approved and under implementation.  AAPO recognises this vast area is vital to AAPO and its members.  As well as media releases sent out on behalf of AAPO, there is the media release template available to all members to create their own announcements.
  • AAPO now has a Social Media Co-ordinator, overseeing and facilitating AAPO’s presence on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Our newsletter is growing and improving and the advertising policy means more value for our members.
  • AAPO has called for quotes to have our logo made more user-friendly.  The logo will not change, but our members and their graphic designers will be able to use the new format in more ways, saving our members time and reducing marketing costs.
  • After some hiatus, AAPO’s annual survey of members was reinstated.  The valuable information we gained will enable us to market to potential sponsors as well as deliver the services and programs our members want most.  I encourage all members to participate in such surveys when they occur.  The survey results will be available online soon.
  • I was pleased to represent AAPO at the NAPO Conference in Columbus, Ohio, in April this year, strengthening our IFPOA (International Federation of Professional Organizing Associations) alliances, meeting with other international NAPO members, and attending conference sessions.  Some of these conference sessions have already been reported on, and more are still to come.
  • Earlier this year, a President’s Skype Call was announced, allowing all members the opportunity to participate in one-on-one discussion and have any questions answered or criticisms heard directly.  As no members expressed interest in that call, I can only assume the membership is pleased with the way things are working.  This may be reinstated in the future, but for now has been shelved in favour of President’s Visits to Forums.  So far, I have visited the Virtual and Brisbane Forums and look forward to more soon.
  • Member Benefits have grown.  The committee is always on the lookout for new ways to bring discounts or other benefits to the membership.  There will even more announced in the next newsletter, due within days.  All members now receive a Member Card which they can produce to receive discounts from our partners.


Moving forward, AAPO has more work to do in all the areas already mentioned, as well as Professional Development, and in creating affiliations and alliances with industry partners.

All in all, it’s been a productive year for AAPO.  We do not get to this point without a team of dedicated behind-the-scenes volunteer members.

I’d like to thank all AAPO volunteers – the Forum Co-ordinators and their assistants, the Sub-Committee members, our Newsletter Editor and Social Media Co-ordinator.  Without your participation and enthusiasm, we cannot move forward.  I’d like to thank my Committee, who work hard, take their positions seriously, give great advice, are always supportive and respectful.  Thanks to Karen and Sarah, who have offered to continue in their positions, and to Anne who stepped in at short notice and is now taking a break from committee life.  Thanks to Bec Johnston who is committed to her role and can always be relied upon.  Thanks to Rebecca Mezzino who, after years of hard work on the Committee, is stepping aside but who I know will be working for AAPO in other capacities.  Thank you to Wendy Davie, my Immediate Past President, who has opened doors for me and who knows how to get things done.  And thank you to my Vice President Roz, who always thinks of everything, encourages and questions, and helps me see clearly.

I must also thank Debra Clark, from Admincorp, who keeps AAPO ticking along.  She is always wise, always patient.  Her good work allows the elected Committee to direct their energies to strategic planning, instead of being weighed down by administrative tasks.

Thank you for the confidence you’ve placed in me as your President.  I have enjoyed serving in my role and facing its challenges, and have grown and developed because of it.  I wish AAPO tremendous success in the coming year.


- Angela Esnouf, June 30th, 2010

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