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2011 President's Report

30th Jun 11

Looking back over the past 12 months, I feel a personal satisfaction for all that’s
been achieved. That’s not to suggest I had a personal hand in all AAPO’s
achievements, but I do feel proud to have been involved this year. The year has
presented us with challenges but overall I feel we, as an Association, have met those
challenges with success.

It is my pleasure to record AAPO’s accomplishments and news for the 2010/2011

• Membership has dropped slightly, currently at approximately 165 active
members and more pending. Exit surveys suggest that most leave AAPO
because they are no longer in business.
• The number of Accomplished members stands at 7 and 26 members have
been awarded Expert level.
• The 3rd Dymo NOW (National Organising Week) was a success once again,
and we are grateful to our partners, Dymo, for their continuing support. This
year again promises to be even bigger and better. We now have a dedicated
NOW subcommittee who have been active in developing new ideas and
• The 2010 Conference became the 2011 Conference when Christchurch
suffered an earthquake one week before the scheduled start. Those who
attended the postponed conference in February this year were rewarded with
an excellent educational and inspiring program. With numbers down, partly
due to the perceived distant location and partly due to the postponement,
those delegates who made the journey were treated to an intimate
• The 2010 President’s Award was to be presented at the 2010 Christchurch
conference. When this was made impossible, I took it upon myself to present
that award to the very deserving Sarah Cottman in a virtual meeting.
• The 2011 President’s Award was presented at the 2011 Conference in
Christchurch at the Awards Dinner. All agreed that Roz Howland was a
worthy recipient, and it was especially good to be able to celebrate both Roz
and Sarah’s awards in the company of other members.
• Plans are already underway for the 2012 Conference to be held in Melbourne
on July 19th to 21st.
• Our Forums have been in a state of flux, with some becoming unviable, but
others reaching greater success. Enthusiastic volunteers to lead Forums are
key to their viability, as with many of AAPO’s programs.
• AAPO’s website attracts an average of 75 unique visitors daily. There are
plans for minor improvements in the coming months.
• AAPO is also embracing the world of web 2.0, ensuring the security of our
documents, and also allowing for ease of approved access by using cloud
• Our Public Relations subcommittee has been active, developing media
releases available to all members and implementing the strategic plan which
was developed last year.
• AAPO’s Social Media Co-ordinator has been a great success, overseeing and
facilitating AAPO’s presence on Facebook and Twitter, and growing our
readership and fellowship.
• Our newsletter continues to grow and improve and enjoys over 30% open
rate, which is considered good in e-newsletter circles.
• AAPO’s annual survey of members was conducted. This allows us to
accurately measure the industry, deliver best programs to our members and
engage with corporate sponsorship. Thank you to all those who completed
the survey.
• AAPO was represented at the NAPO Conference in San Diego by Vice
President, Roz Howland. Roz held meetings with our IFPOA (International
Federation of Professional Organizing Associations) alliances and other
international and US-based NAPO members. Roz made an impression on all
those she met. Several have already indicated their enthusiasm for attending
and speaking at AAPO’s next conference.
• A Professional Development subcommittee was established. Their thorough
work looked at how AAPO can best serve its members in this area, and their
Discussion Paper has informed and assisted the Executive committee.
• Member Benefits have grown slightly. I encourage all members to take
advantage of these, as those businesses who generously offer us a discount
can only continue to do so if it is commercially advantageous to them.
• Something which does not draw fanfare but which quietly makes a huge
difference to AAPO’s productivity and workability is the development of key
policies. This year the committee has focused heavily on working smarter not
harder. This is critical to the future of our Association. We cannot have a
situation where our volunteers burn out. Laying foundations with good
policies is one major factor which will assist us to continue our work and
attract “new blood”.
• Recently we continued that theme by working on AAPO’s first ever Strategic
Plan. I know that this action will have a lasting and positive effect on our
Association, and secure us a bright future.

I believe challenges lay ahead, but that with the team that’s assembled to take us
into the next year, we will meet those challenges head on.

We cannot grow and develop without a team of dedicated behind-the-scenes
volunteer members. I’d like to thank all AAPO volunteers. Without your participation
and enthusiasm, we do not have an AAPO. Thank you to the Committee, who have
great ideas and work hard, and who are supportive and respectful of each other. I
have learned so much from each of you.

Thank you to the team from Admincorp, who keep AAPO ticking along. Their work
on the day-to-day little things allows us to focus on the big picture.

Thank you for allowing me to be your President. I have appreciated serving in my
role tremendously. I look forward to continuing to serve as Immediate Past
President, and will do all I can to support Roz Howland. Roz will make an excellent
President and I wish her all the best for the coming year.

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Reply Mccayde | August 24th, 2011 at 11:20am
You know what, I'm very much incinled to agree.

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