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Declutter your delicates - AAPO members want your support

27th Aug 15
In order to show how de-cluttering and getting organised can make a real change, members of AAPO (Australasian Association of Professional Organisers) are hoping to lift the spirits (and busts!) of women in disadvantaged countries, by supporting a great charity, the Uplift Project as part of National Organising Week. From 7 – 12 September, AAPO will be celebrating National Organising Week to bring awareness to the public about the professional organising...
Filed under AAPO Happenings \ NOW

Make the play area more fun for everyone... even Mum

15th Aug 15
How many times a day do your kids unpack the toy box, fill every corner of the house with colour and leave you feeling like the subject of some crazy art installation? Kids play time shouldn't have you run off your feet and riddled with anxiety at the thought of a surprise visit from your mother-in-law when you’re neck deep in lego! Let’s not be unrealistic though. Embracing kiddie chaos is...
Filed under Tips

My KonMari Journey - Part 1

As a professional organiser, I have of course read quite a few books by leading declutter professionals, my favourites being Julie Morgenstern and Peter Walsh. However, there is a relatively new book by Marie Kondo, the very successful author of ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’. Here is how I recently started my personal KonMari journey. Chantal Imbach | Simply In Order
Filed under Tips

How to Get Organised - Set Boundaries

Click here to find out how setting boundaries can help you take control and get organised. Angela Esnouf | Creating Order from Chaos
Filed under Tips

Are your paper piles so out of control that you cringe at the mention of tax time?

Click here to find out the 3 top tips to kick start de-cluttering the paper piles to ensure tax time is stress free in your home from Georgie Rees | Clutterfly.
Filed under Tips

How to chose the right service to help you

The hardest part about getting organised is asking for help. Click here to find out how to chose the right service to help you with these tips from Susanne Thiebe | Less Mess.
Filed under Tips

5 steps to bring the joy back to Crafting

Is your craft clutter causing inspiration or irritation? Click here for 5 steps to help craft be a joy not a job from Kristina Duke | Decluttering Diva.
Filed under Tips

De-clutter your house, de-clutter your mind and get back your precious time

We talk about de-cluttering of the house or your space, what about our mental clutter? Mental Clutter can be caused by a build-up of physical clutter. We sometimes hoard items that carry emotional memories, by clearing this physical clutter the result is our emotional state changes, we feel like a “weight has been lifted from our shoulders”. Once you deal with the physical stuff you can then focus on the mental...
Filed under Tips

Tips to help you enjoy your fireplace in winter

If you were to ask me what my favourite thing about winter is, it would be lighting the fire. Our attention gets diverted away from the windows and directed towards the focal point of the lounge room and the warmth that emanates from the fire instantly becomes a magnet for the family – board games get dusted off, we read, colour in, toast marshmallows and watch less TV. Click here to...
Filed under Tips

Create a Routine and Find More Time in Your Day

Expert AAPO Member Susanne Thiebe from Less Mess talks about the importance of getting into a routine in order to free up brain space and time for more important things. Click here to read more.
Filed under Tips
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