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How to Get Organised - Improve Your Communications

AAPO Expert Member Angela Esnouf from Creating Order from Chaos talks about the importance of improving your communications as an important tool to getting organised. Click here to read more.
Filed under Tips

Unseen Health Costs of Bathroom Chaos

An unseen cost to being disorganised is the cost of being sick. These unseen health costs of bathroom chaos could be the cause of missing out on things you want to do due to illness and not forgetting the cost of treatments to get back to full health. AAPO Expert Member Carolyn Verhoef from Outside the Box Organisation Solutions discusses the unseen cost of bathroom chaos in her recent blog. Click...
Filed under Tips

I Am On A Clothes Diet...And I Am Loving It!

AAPO Member Nathalie Ricaud from Get Organised and Beyond talks about her success after going on a clothes diet. Click here to read more.
Filed under Tips

Backing up is a must for everyone

AAPO Expert Member Amanda Lecaude from Organising You discusses the importance of backing up your home or office computer in her latest blog. Click here to read more.
Filed under Tips

Doomsday Prepping - How to be ready for almost anything!

Doomsday Preppers are one extreme of being ready for the unexpected, but in some ways they have the right idea. With the recent fires and floods around Australia it’s time to get realistic about having some plan in place for the worst case scenario. It’s also a good idea for all of us in case accident or poor health. I felt this strongly when my husband was incapacitated in a bicycle...
Filed under Tips

What is a Professional Organiser and What is the Benefit to me?

15th Jun 15
Being a fairly new role in society, professional organisers are asked "What is a Professional Organiser and what will the benefit be to me?” Professional Organisers have the experience to give you the skills, techniques and motivation to take control back of your life. Looking at the statistics below, you can see by enlisting the help of a Professional Organiser you can reduce your physical and mental clutter. De-cluttering Statistics Eliminating...

Clutter- 4 Simple Steps To Figure Out What You Really WANT To De-Clutter

It is so easy to complain about clutter - how it is taking over and stopping you from living the life you want. But figuring out what the clutter is can be the challenge. Do you know your clutter? Step 1 Write down five things that really bug you; those things you lose sleep over and those items you continue to add to you To Do list (but never seem to...
Filed under Decluttering

Making Habits that Stick!

What promises do you make yourself at the start of a new week or even a new month or year? How long do you stick with them? If you’re like most of us it’s not long enough to create a habit that sticks with you. There’s something wonderful about that start of a time frame that makes everything feel possible and the failures or negativity of the past can’t pass through...
Filed under Tips

Amazing Clutterless Gift Ideas - Gifting Experiences

I am an advocate for giving gifts that won’t clutter up your friend's and family’s homes Sometimes we put in a lot of thought into gift giving; other times we fall victim to the pressure of giving ‘something’ for the sake of it. This of course, can lead to clutter! So, before buying gifts this Christmas, do some planning. Grab a cuppa, a notebook and pen and brainstorm. Write a list...
Filed under Tips

Is Your To-Do List Holding You Back? Stop Becoming Tied to Your To-Do List

8th Dec 14
In my last post, I talked about how important it is not to put too many things on your to-do list. After all, your to-do list is a roadmap you’ve created to get you from where you are to where you want to be. There is only so much you can achieve in a day and you want to make sure that you achieve the things that are the most important....
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