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Reduce, Rethink, Reorganise your Handbag

10th Mar 14
In this blog post, we’ll concentrate on your handbag. And if handbags are not your thing, you can apply the rethinking to your wallet or briefcase. Whatever it is that does the hard work of carrying your important daily supplies, that’s what you can work on today. Reduce the clutter first. Gum wrappers, used tissues, loose receipts from lunch. Get them out of there. Rethink what you’ll carry with you. During...

Recycle E Waste

Did you know in 2007-08 3.17 million new televisions, computers and computer products sold in Australia and 16.8 million units reached the end of their life that year? Did you know that 84 % were disposed to landfill? Source: ABS Estimates It is good to know there is a place to recycle old TVs and other electrical appliances. One such place is Tech Collect with drop off points n ACT NSW...

How Passionate Are You About Organising?

24th Feb 14
It’s certainly been my experience that Professional Organisers around the globe are passionate about what they do. They’re so passionate about supporting Associations like AAPO that they’re prepared to contribute hours and hours of their own time as volunteers. They’re also equally passionate about their self development and learning, that Professional Organisers with full lives and busy schedules still find time to attend organising conferences around the globe, many as speakers...

Make 2014 the year you really achieve your New Year's Resolutions!

How many years before have you made new resolutions and by the end of February those goals are just a past memory? With the New Year excitement we tend to write down a list of goals that is too long and too ambitious, and I am not telling you not to be ambitious but to set goals that are possible and to create real change in your life. So, I will...

One New Year Goal - Get Those Photos Sorted!

Is getting your photos organised one of your goals for this year? To get control of the random thousands of photos you have in your folders? This can be a big task to face if you have a large backlog awaiting your attention. So a way to start is to break the overwhelming job down into small tasks; perhaps begin with your most recent ones of Christmas. Start by dividing...

They are choosing to change. And Professional Organisers around the globe are facilitating that change.

Being a panellist at JALO Conference in December 2013 really highlighted this for me. This ‘agents of change’ theme weaved its way through the conference, from panellist’s responses to speaker’s presentations. Each question and each response from around the globe told somehow of our ability and passion to facilitate our client’s desired change. To take them from where they are, to where they want to be. As Professional Organisers, that’s what...

How Organised Would You Like To Be This Year?

27th Jan 14
Happy New Year everyone! How are your New Year resolutions going? For many we start thinking about ways to get more organised this time of year and AAPO has a number of solutions which may just help you achieve this: Firstly we are pleased to announce that AAPO is the proud sponsor of Peter Walsh at the Get Live event in Sydney on 21 February 2014 where he’ll be sharing decluttering...

New Year, New Start. 3 Super Start Tasks to Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet

I'm super excited to share more with you to help you make this your best year ever. To start the year off right here are some of the little jobs I love to get done in January. They might not take a long time to do but they pack a punch when you want to save time, money, energy and create sanctuary in your life and mind. Take some or...

Often we get overwhelmed by a big job that causes us to procrastinate

When my family and I started Taekwondo ( don’t laugh I started Taekwondo at the age of 40!) … getting a black belt looked like it would be an absolutely impossible task …… my wise husband said .. let’s just take it one belt at a time .. and we did. Now we are a family of black belts. You can take control by taking on one small task (or...

Reduce, Rethink, Reorganise Toys

“My kids have too many toys!” “The kids don’t play with their toys, they just throw them around.” “The kids leave their toys all around the house.” I hear you! Let’s face it. Toys are a fun fact of life while growing children are around. As children grow, their developmental needs change along with their interests, so there is a constant need for new toys. If there are children of...
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