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Collaborative Consumption - Sally Hart

25th Aug 13
The theme of Reduce, Rethink, Reorganise was whole heartedly embraced at the recent AAPO Annual Conference. National Organising Week gives us the opportunity to share this theme with you as Professional Organisers. With the sad statistic of 99% of all items purchased being landfill within 6 months we are using up the planet's resources at the rate of 1.5 planets per year--not sustainable! We need to Re-think! Lisa Fox, of Open...
Filed under NOW

President Blog

21st Aug 13
AAPO recently held its annual conference in Sydney and for the first time hosted the Institute for Challenging Disorganisation (ICD) exams. We are pleased to announce members Angela Hunter, Angela Esnouf and Wendy Hanes have successfully passed their exams. Members were provided with a feast of professional development topics that ranged from attracting, retaining and engaging clients to rethinking how people buy our services. Keynote speakers Lisa Fox from the Open...

Small Business - Top 5 Tips For Reserving Your Business' Domain Name & Social Network Usernames

Skim through our top tips for securing your business' online presence and protect your brand's value. Many small business owners name their business and forget a crucial step ensuring that their company name is available on popular extensions (.com, .net...) and social networks. On Facebook, for example, it is difficult to market your business if there are similarly named groups and pages. Already named your business and haven't checked? No...

National Organising Week - the perfect time to make an Impact

NOW is the time to stop, look around and think about how disorganisation is affecting your wellbeing. We all know that feeling of overwhelm; when life is full of “stuff” and out of control. Whether it’s because we waste hours looking for things we know we have somewhere, or spend money paying late fees on overdue bills or just that deflated feeling we get walking into room that looks more like...

The Power of Priorities

Definition of Priority = Prime concern, first concern, primary issue, most pressing matter Reacting to everything that comes across your desk as it arrives will result in chaos. The person who shouts loudest will get the most attention and often your most profitable clients who are quiet and patient receive the least attention. Working in chaos often results in running around putting out fires – you turn your focus to one...

Email Management

Who’s in charge? Here is how you can manage your inbox if you use Outlook 2007. The menu items in more recent versions would be similar – this information tells you what to look for! Manage You Block out a set amount of time to check and respond to emails and STICK to it, e.g. 10 mins every 2 hours. Prioritise what you need to reply to on the spot. Knock...

Reorganise to fit within our current footprint

When you have limited space to work with, don’t forget vertical space. Adding hooks, racks and rails to any room in the house lifts frequently used items up off your flat surfaces. Hang your utensils and crockery in the kitchen, tools in the garage, and newspapers and magazines in the living room. You can still see what you have but it doesn’t get in the way. Adding extra shelves to existing...

President's blob

26th Jul 13
As the newly elected President of AAPO, I’ve been entrusted to provide stability and leadership to the Executive Committee and its members. I look forward to providing long term support to assist, grow and promote our industry to ensure AAPO fulfils its vision to be ‘internationally recognised as Australasia’s premier industry association for leading and developing Professional Organisers.’ On behalf of the Executive Committee, I’d like to take this opportunity to...

How to donate unwanted items to charity - by Justin King

By: Justin King Donating those household and personal items you no longer want or need to charity may seem like an easy task, and it is – when you understand a few simple “donation” rules of the road. The cliché that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure almost always rings true, but how do you match your unwanted tennis gear with the right donation center so your old racket meets...

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

We have all forgotten to turn off a light and hours later we walk back into the room and curse ourselves. To help solve this problem look out for the "12 Minute Timer" bulbs from Ringgrip, they are great. After a light has been left on for 11 minutes it starts to blink, that tells you, you have 1 minute before the light goes out. They are great for pantries, wardrobes,...
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