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What Benefit is a Broker?

Welcome to my very first guest blog for AAPO. Thank you to the AAPO team for this opportunity. It is always great to be able to share something of value with others. Today I’ll focus on a couple of things which is ‘What is Insurance’ & ‘Is there Value in Insurance?’ What is Insurance? Insurance is designed to put you back into the position you enjoyed pre-loss. Insurance plays a very...

How to time manage: Cleaning your house

Nine ways to get it done! (if you have more, please share). We might be living in the 21st century and have equal rights for men and women, but more than 50% of households I know don’t have a paid cleaner. And I am sorry to say, it’s mostly the male partners in the equation that vote against that expense. For different reasons, but one still is going along these lines:”my...
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Professional Organising is truly global

22nd Jun 14
Earlier this month I had the privilege of attending the National Association of Professional Organisers (NAPO) conference in Phoenix, Arizona in the USA representing AAPO. In attendance were over 600 professional organisers with global representation from countries including Canada, Spain, Brazil, Trinidad, Nigeria, Mexico, Belgium, Japan and of course Australia! It was amazing to learn about the growth of our industry throughout the world and the fact that we all face...

Are you a Hoarder?

I have heard large numbers of people refer to themselves or a loved one as a hoarder - but what exactly is hoarding? Before we go any further, I would like to request that we don't judge or label people but recognise that we are talking about a person who may be struggling with a hoarding disorder - after all it is affecting their life more than we will ever know,...
Filed under Decluttering

Decluttering the chore of laundry

The biggest complaint I hear from mum clients is the endless chore of laundry. Nearly every house I walk into has baskets of laundry in various stages of the “dirty to drawer” process. I am sometimes amazed at the sheer volume that some families have. I do not have a magic wand to get the laundry done but I hope to help you to rethink about the amount of clothes in...
Filed under Decluttering

Mundella EveryWoman Expo: 13-15 June 2014

Perth AAPO Forum The Perth branch of AAPO is one of the largest in Australia, which isn’t bad for good old Western Australia. We may be the biggest state in size, but we have a much smaller population than some other states and therefore we are pretty proud of our group and its achievements. We are also passionate about spreading the word of AAPO and raising the awareness of the Professional...

What's in a Name?

Most people working in the Organising field call themselves Professional Organisers (or Organizers in America). And yet people looking for Organising help, often refer to them as Personal Organisers. So what’s in a name? I asked my fellow Organisers to offer their opinions on the title of “Professional Organiser”. Thank you to the 53 Organisers who completed the survey. Of these, 46 call themselves Professional Organisers, 1 Personal Organiser and 6...

What is a Recycling Station?

Recycling stations are drop off/collection points where you can drop off things to be recycled. I am always on the lookout for them. Officeworks were one of our fabulous sponsors at the 2013 AAPO National Conference. They have a strong commitment to protecting our environment and doing their bit to reduce waste to landfill. Taking prime position in their stores you will find a Recycling Station for ink cartridges and mobile...
Filed under What's New?

Why I love what I do

12th May 14
It has been over three years now since I decided to become a Professional Organiser after a friend suggested I should undertake a career move from that of general management, project management and marketing. I still thank her for pointing me in this direction where I am able to help others achieve better organisation and balance in their lives. I love making a difference! As a Professional Organiser and a member...

Rethink, Reorganise Paperwork

Without a doubt, paperwork is the one organising challenge that comes up again and again in all aspects of an Organiser’s work. Whether in running a business, or a household, or your life, paperwork can be problematic. What do you keep? Where do you keep it? How long do you keep it for? Rumours and misinformation run riot. So here’s a very simple starting point for taking control of your paperwork...
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