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Reduce, Rethink, Reorganise to make an impact.

6th Sep 13
National Organising week is coming to an end, and this morning, many professional organisers will gather at breakfast events across the world to participate in breakfast and a chat. We will link up via videoconference and be able to collaborate and interact with each other all at the same time. We will share our experiences from the week that’s been and the impact we have made on so many people, including...
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BLOG for NOW 2013

3rd Sep 13
When our home is feeling cluttered it is likely that our head is just as cluttered. Have you ever thought about how this affects your motivation to achieve the things you want? It’s fair to say that it is hard to make tidying up our home a priority, as there are usually more imminent and pressing things happening everyday in our lives. As a consequence of being surrounded by our clutter...
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3rd Sep 13
Never before have our lives been busier. Between working, children’s schooling and afterschool commitments and the endless household chores, there can sometimes feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. We also have more stuff than ever before. Children’s toys, electrical gadgets and the constant day to day belongings that we accumulate, mean that our homes are becoming more and more cluttered and we are becoming more and more...
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Small Business - Top 5 Tips For Reserving Your Business' Domain Name & Social Network Usernames

2nd Sep 13
Skim through our top tips for securing your business' online presence and protect your brand's value. Many small business owners name their business and forget a crucial step ensuring that their company name is available on popular extensions (.com, .net...) and social networks. On Facebook, for example, it is difficult to market your business if there are similarly named groups and pages. Already named your business and haven't checked? No problem,...

How can de-cluttering your car can make an impact?

2nd Sep 13
Carrying STUFF in or on our cars increases our fuel consumption plus adds to the wear and tear on the vehicles. Infrequently used item such as roof racks and tow bars add weight and wind resistance, making the car work harder. When planning your travel, remove unnecessary items to lighten the load and include things you really need, rather than adding a trailer or roof rack. Unsecured items can be very...

Like Attracts Like in the Kitchen

30th Aug 13
People resonate to people they relate to. I like to implement this theory when organizing kitchens. There has to be a system for your kitchen space to run smoothly and be functional. It is no use having your coffee & tea mugs across the other side of your kitchen from your kettle. Store them in the cupboard directly above or below your kettle. See…like attracts like!! Arrange your kitchenware by frequency...
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26th Aug 13
The two words ‘Kids’ and ‘Organised’ are opposites in my experience. For many parents having their lives dictated by their ‘bundle of joy’ is a challenge. Only being responsible for you seems like a walk in the park after having kids. The path to sanity with kids is creating a routine – like old people, they love them! Apply the following 6 principles to planning your time: Set time available –...

Downsizing to Reduce, Rethink, Reorganise

26th Aug 13
The Downsizing process is your time to start thinking about “quality versus quantity”, “less is more”, “living with your best stuff”. It’s the time to start your journey through your lifetime of collections and memories, deciding which items you will keep, give to other family members, donate or sell. It is the perfect way to Reduce, Rethink Reorganise your home and life. For some people, this process can be perceived as...
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Collaborative Consumption - Sally Hart

25th Aug 13
The theme of Reduce, Rethink, Reorganise was whole heartedly embraced at the recent AAPO Annual Conference. National Organising Week gives us the opportunity to share this theme with you as Professional Organisers. With the sad statistic of 99% of all items purchased being landfill within 6 months we are using up the planet's resources at the rate of 1.5 planets per year--not sustainable! We need to Re-think! Lisa Fox, of Open...
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President Blog

21st Aug 13
AAPO recently held its annual conference in Sydney and for the first time hosted the Institute for Challenging Disorganisation (ICD) exams. We are pleased to announce members Angela Hunter, Angela Esnouf and Wendy Hanes have successfully passed their exams. Members were provided with a feast of professional development topics that ranged from attracting, retaining and engaging clients to rethinking how people buy our services. Keynote speakers Lisa Fox from the Open...
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