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Do You Have A Problem With UFO's? Part 3 - Life

Welcome to the third instalment. Part 1 and 2 looked at how to take control of your spaces and time with UFO’s. This time it’s all about how procrastination could be stopping you completing your objects and projects. Life sometimes just seems to get in the way when we take on a new hobby or project. Sometimes this may cause the appearance of UFO’s (Un-Finished Objects). We human beings have an...

Do You Have A Problem With UFO's? Part 2 - Time

In Part 1 we looked at how our spaces are over run by UFO’s but this is only a portion of the problem when we are dealing with an un-finished object or project. Part 2 is all about how the UFO (Un-Finished Object) got there in the first place. Simply, there just was not enough time allowed or allocated to complete it. Any new hobby or project always takes longer than...

Do You Have A Problem With UFO's? Part 1

I’m not talking about strange shapes in the sky from outer space, although they do seek out and steal space from your home or business. A UFO is an Unfinished Object. Anything you’ve had lying about that started out to be something you were excited about but somewhere along the way you came to halt. UFO’s could be taking up precious space or perhaps it could be something that could enhance...

President's Blog

You may think that the Executive Committee goes a little ‘quiet’ from time to time. Please be assured that even though we may not be publicizing what we are actually doing, we are still hard at work behind the scenes working to our Vision & Strategy. Shortly we will be having the Strategic Meeting where each of the areas pertinent to the business of AAPO are discussed as well as what...

De clutter your car and REDUCE your carbon footprint

Carrying your STUFF in or on your car increases your fuel consumption as well as adding to the wear and tear on your vehicle. Items such as roof racks and tow bars add weight, which adds to wind resistance, making your car work harder thus burning more fuel. When planning your travel remove unnecessary items to lighten the load and include the things you really need. Rather than adding a trailer...

Top 5 Tips For Detoxing Your Inbox(es) & Moving Forward in Small Business

As a small business owner, you've got things pulling at you from all directions. It's totally natural to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to focus on next. What's not okay is letting things get out of hand and throwing your hands up in defeat. You've already committed to starting and running a successful business why stop now? I've included my top five tips for getting back on track from...

Spielzeugfrei - No Toys

Last year I was interview by a journalist writing for the Sydney Child who wrote about age appropriate Christmas presents. She wanted a Professional Organisers take on the issue of too many toys, especially around these ‘special times’ in a child’s year. I am a designer before I started my career as a Professional Organiser, and one of the timeless design mantras has been: ‘less is more’ When I work with...


Being successful and experiencing success is different to every single one of us. Some of AAPO’s recent successes have included: Increase in Member numbers, welcoming nearly 30 new Members in 2013. New PR opportunities for Members, raising the profile and understanding of what Professional Organisers can do. Amending iCALM affiliation agreement to make things smoother for Members of both. Members speaking & informing the general public on radio & in magazines...

Keeping Storage within Reach

Advice on decluttering suggests that the things that are used least often are stored in less accessible areas, such as garages, basements, attics, the tops of wardrobes and the bottom of cupboards. We are talking about things that are used rarely for special activities (camping gear); seasonal (Christmas decorations); stored long-term for legal reasons (old tax records); or kept for sentimental value (wedding dress). This approach makes sense, as it works...

The next big thing in organising

Electrical waste, better known as E Waste is becoming a massive environmental problem, plus causing a lot of clutter in our lives. Did you know there are over 16 Million Phones cluttering our cupboards and drawers in Australia? That’s a lot of clutter The average Australian typically upgrades their mobile phone every 12-18 months. Mobile phones contain a cocktail of highly toxic elements such as cadmium, arsenic and lead. Only 3%...
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