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Be ORganIsed fOR ChRistmas 2014.... Yes you heard right ...

We can hear you all thinking “wait a minute Christmas 2014???? It’s not even New Year yet”. Don’t worry we are not crazy - just helpfully organised. This New Year we wanted to share our personal favourite tip to an organised hassle free way to shop for gifts. The key is to Pay Attention and Note – or because we love a good acronym to help you remember things…P.A.N! Think of...

Give more potatoes

I do like my maths and love statistics. I found this in the papers some time ago: ‘7% Estimated proportion of unwanted Christmas gifts in Australia that are thrown away;’ And : 64 kg Weight of potatoes consumed by average Australians each year’ Which leads me to this year’s Christmas gift giving tip: Give sensible, give things people need – even for children, ask what they want, accept if someone...

Planning your Christmas shopping

Christmas is just around the corner; have you organised all your gifts? Some people go out and get gifts months in advance, others wait until the last minute and some get them during the sales after Christmas. No matter which kind of shopper you are, there are 3 tips you should consider before going out on a gift shopping spree. 1. Establish a budget for the total amount of gifts and...

President's Blog | December 2013

December is such a magical time of year. Some people are getting ready to finish school, jobs or projects. Others are getting ready to start holidays, make resolutions or consider lifestyle changes. And for others, December is simply the time of year to make plans, check lists and spend time with family and friends. Whatever you’re planning to do this time of year, on behalf of AAPO’s Executive Committee and members...

Christmas Countdown List

Some things to consider: Budget First and foremost is the budget you have available for Christmas food, gifts, travel, and events – be sensible about this one and try not to create a debt you have to deal with in the New Year. Decorations Can you reuse the ones you have or do you need to purchase new ones? Do you decorate inside or outside or both? When will you...

Make Money from Your Cast Offs

25th Nov 13
When I work with a client in her wardrobe, we usually identify things which are cast offs. For various reasons – poor fit, last season, wrong colour, bad memories – some clothes and accessories just don’t make it back into the wardrobe. What happens to those cast off clothes and accessories? Well, depending on their condition, they could be tossed, or used for rags, or donated to a charity, or they...

Bathroom Bedlam to Bathroom Bliss?

Under the sink areas are often highly under utilised. First and foremost get all that stuff out from under there! Give the shelves a clean. and you are ready to go. Consolidate the like items together. Bin any that are out of date or no longer used. Allocate those like items into storage containers. TIP: Utilise the space you have effectively by working with containers that can easily be pulled forward....

President's Blog | November 2013

12th Nov 13
Australian based research on organising has, in the view of the Executive Committee, been long overdue and thankfully some members also share this view. While in the very early stages, AAPO plans to set up a Task Force and initiate the first steps towards Australian based research and statistics and some of the many benefits include: AAPO and members will have the ability to talk with confidence about statistics within their...

Get a Head Start to the Morning

Mornings can be rough, especially if you haven’t had enough sleep things you need for the day ahead aren’t ready there are lots of people with lots of needs at your house or there are lots of people heading to different locations But mornings can be easier if you a) keep things simple, b) have a routine that works and c) start preparations the night before. So what morning tasks could...

I want to be a Professional Organiser. What do I have to do?

Nothing. Well, ok, slight exaggeration. Of course Professional Organisers (POs) work hard, with most being solo or small business owners. The stats in Australia tell us that it takes between 2 – 5 years for a small business to be successful (profitable). We also know, that these 2-5 years involve long hours, hard work, lots of learning and adapting to an ever-changing market place. As a relatively new and emerging industry,...
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