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Rethink Your Kitchen

The process of de-cluttering is not only a great way to de-stress and save time but detox your space. Today kitchens carry out many roles apart from the obvious of preparing meals; kitchens can house our laundry, our home office, entertaining and family meeting room. Yes things have really changed since the kitchen was tacked onto the back of the house; although they were simple, it worked. Maybe it worked because...

Make your Heart Sing

It’s not uncommon when I meet people for the first time, to discover that they feel unable to enjoy spending time on their favourite activities and hobbies, until they've got absolutely everything decluttered and organised at home. It can feel as if doing the good stuff is a reward for all the hard work; and if there is still work to be done, then there is no freedom to have any...

Get rid of the Black Hole of a Toy Box!

Yes the toy box can be a Black Hole: a complete set of a toy goes in, some pieces never see daylight again. The result is a frustrated child. Minimise the frustration of lost pieces by trying the following: Rotate the Toys Rotating toys allows for say half to be put away out of sight for a short while. The benefit is apart from less mess and fewer toys out at...

Reduce, Rethink, Reorganise Books

One thing I get asked about a LOT is books. I love books myself. But since downsizing to an inner-city apartment, I choose to devote much less space to them. So here’s how you can Reduce, Rethink and Reorganise books. Reduce the books you keep on your shelf. Once you’ve read a book, send it on to someone else who can enjoy it. If there are books you’ve never read, evaluate...

At what cost??

24th Mar 14
I hear so many reasons why people don't get organised. "I have no TIME", "I have no MONEY", "My stuff isn't HURTING anyone", "I might NEED it one day", "I can organise it LATER". TIME How much of your time is wasted looking for items like keys, important papers, lists, phones, shoes? Lets do a little exercise. Lets say you spend 5 minutes a day looking for items that aren't in...

How clutter can impacts your family's health

5.2 billion $ a year are wasted in Australia on food that’s bought but doesn’t get eaten. With a projected population of 30,074,387 for January2014 that is $172 per person per year. For an average family of four: $688 per year. A big enough amount of money to start thinking and changing something. A considerable amount of production cost, packaging and transport wasted. What’s the ecological footprint of that sum and...

Reduce, Rethink, Reorganise your Handbag

10th Mar 14
In this blog post, we’ll concentrate on your handbag. And if handbags are not your thing, you can apply the rethinking to your wallet or briefcase. Whatever it is that does the hard work of carrying your important daily supplies, that’s what you can work on today. Reduce the clutter first. Gum wrappers, used tissues, loose receipts from lunch. Get them out of there. Rethink what you’ll carry with you. During...

Recycle E Waste

Did you know in 2007-08 3.17 million new televisions, computers and computer products sold in Australia and 16.8 million units reached the end of their life that year? Did you know that 84 % were disposed to landfill? Source: ABS Estimates It is good to know there is a place to recycle old TVs and other electrical appliances. One such place is Tech Collect with drop off points n ACT NSW...

How Passionate Are You About Organising?

24th Feb 14
It’s certainly been my experience that Professional Organisers around the globe are passionate about what they do. They’re so passionate about supporting Associations like AAPO that they’re prepared to contribute hours and hours of their own time as volunteers. They’re also equally passionate about their self development and learning, that Professional Organisers with full lives and busy schedules still find time to attend organising conferences around the globe, many as speakers...

Make 2014 the year you really achieve your New Year's Resolutions!

How many years before have you made new resolutions and by the end of February those goals are just a past memory? With the New Year excitement we tend to write down a list of goals that is too long and too ambitious, and I am not telling you not to be ambitious but to set goals that are possible and to create real change in your life. So, I will...
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