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A Tale of Two Cities, starring Julie Morgenstern


It all happened so quickly. An email or two and it was on! Julie Morgenstern, productivity expert, author and businesswoman, was coming to Australia for a corporate client and she wanted to meet with fellow Professional Organisers.

Karen Koedding shares the Sydney part of the story...

Sarah Cottman and I had a wonderful weekend being tour guides for Julie Morgenstern and her assistant Ellie Lotan.  They had arrived in Sydney Saturday morning, which was a crazy windy and cold day...but we headed off to the beaches.  I brought them to Bondi Beach and Clovelly Beach and then we went to meet up with Sarah.  Sarah gave us a fantastic tour of the bush and beaches of the northern beaches area of Sydney.  We had a beautiful lunch at Moby’s at Palm Beach.  Down at the beach Julie and Ellie got the chance to meet some local surf lifesavers and have some Anzac biscuits that the guys offered them.  Then we headed off to Pittwater Bay for an indulgence of beautiful cakes and coffee at Sarah’s local desert cafe with a beautiful view of the bay and sail boats.

Day two, we caught up in the afternoon and went to Featherdale Wildlife Park (http://www.featherdale.com.au/index.htm) for the opportunity to pet and fee the kangaroos, wallabies, emus and koalas, plus see heaps of beautiful birds and other interesting creatures.  This was a real hit with Julie and Ellie.  Then off to dinner.

We had dinner at The Italian Village restaurant in The Rocks with a view of the Sydney Opera House.  We were joined by lovely AAPO volunteers, Linda Eagleton, Claire Lane, Naurelle Todd, and Susanne Thiebe.  The eight of us had a wonderful time discussing Professional Organising, our experiences and some of Julie’s theories.  Terribly interesting!

Julie and Ellie are now on a week of media appearances on behalf of Telstra, and then each of them will meet up with friends in Australia before they head back to the States.

I know I can say on behalf of the 6 Sydney PO’s that met Julie and Ellie that it was a true pleasure and very exciting to spend time with an organising guru that each of us has learned from through Julie’s books, and meeting her Sunday.

And in Melbourne...

A group of 6 AAPO volunteers met with Julie and her creative assistant, Ellie, over dinner.  Julie's schedule was tight and demanding, which made her willingness to spend time with her Melbourne colleagues all the more generous.  Her generosity didn't end there.  Julie is a successful woman willing to share some of her organising and business secrets.  We discussed the industry, past, present and future, as well as travel, coffee and the Old Spice Guy.

I relished the chance to quiz Julie on some of the things she'll be presenting at the AAPO Conference in Christchurch in February.  I have to be completely honest.  Until I spoke with her, I was unsure about committing to her full day workshop on Need Assessments.  That is no longer the case and I will definitely be booking my place.

We are so lucky to have Julie Morgenstern as one of our keynote speakers at the conference.  I can't wait to spend more time with her.

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