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I've had a Blast

27th Jun 11
My time as President of AAPO is coming to an end and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the confidence you've shown in me over the 2 years I've been in the job. It has been tremendously rewarding personally and professionally. I have really enjoyed working with a dedicated team of fellow members and watching AAPO grow and develop. I cannot say it enough. Thank you!...

Safe in Christchurch

I know many of our members will be concerned for the safety of our Christchurch colleagues and friends. I can let you know that I have made contact with all our Christchurch-based members and they are all safe as of today, Feb 23 2011. After our recent successful AAPO conference in this beautiful city, I have strong fond memories of my time there, in particular the people. At this stage...

"I'll have what she's having!"

Have you ever wondered why people volunteer to help out at AAPO? Have you ever considered doing so but are just not sure of the benefit to you? Have you ever wanted to volunteer but don't feel you have the confidence/skills/years of experience required? Well, by the end of this article I hope you'll feel encouraged to jump in and do your bit to shape the industry in our neck...

And the Award goes to..... drumroll.....

As President of AAPO, nothing gives me more pleasure than to present this award to someone who has distinguished themselves as a leader and a toiler for our industry. Simultaneously, nothing gives me more angst than deciding who will be the next recipient. AAPO is blessed with strong candidates, people who give selflessly, think strategically and work tirelessly. Previous recipients Wendy Hanes and Wendy Davie are a testament to this....

How far would you go?

I've just returned from presenting at the Melbourne Forum meeting. The subject under discussion was Chronic Disorganisation and Professional Development in general. Even if I weren't presenting, I would have attended. I just love spending time with my peers and learning more about our profession. But one of our members has taken dedication to Professional Development to a new level. Twice now she has driven over 3 hours each way...

How you can use Facebook to grow your business

Last month I talked about Twitter and how you can use it to grow your business. This month I’ll discuss Facebook. Facebook claims to have 500 million active users worldwide, and it’s estimated that between six and nine million of them are in Australia and New Zealand, so it’s a great place to promote your business and let your followers know what you’re up to. Facebook differs from Twitter in...

How you can use Twitter in your business, by Claire Lane

Last month I talked about social media and how AAPO intends to use it. This month I thought I’d talk a little about how you can use it in your business, starting with Twitter*. Twitter only allows you to post 140 characters at a time, so it’s a great tool to use to point people to your blog or website. For example, you might have a Christmas Special listed on...

AAPO Conference Draws from Around the Globe

Come September 13th, Christchurch will be abuzz with Professional Organisers flying in from all around the world. Of course there will be dedicated New Zealand AAPO members, Australians flying from all corners of the country, but also a return visit from a Japanese colleague and top-of-their-field POs from the US. In particular I want to mention that in addition to our 2 outstanding keynote speakers, Angela Wallace, President Elect of...

President Visits Again

I've been off visiting again. This time it was to speak with the Mid North Coast Forum members. I love that technology allows me to drop in on our Forum meetings all over, and I get to sit in my office. Those Mid North Coast members are an enterprising lot, gearing up for their National Organising Week projects. The local residents are lucky to have such pro-active people in their...

Social Media and AAPO

Social media is a new and sometimes scary concept for many of people, so I thought I'd give you a summary of what social media is and why AAPO has decided to embrace it. In future articles I'll talk about how and why you should be using it for your business and give you some tips and tricks to make it easier. What is social media? I like to think...
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