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Clutter- 4 Simple Steps To Figure Out What You Really WANT To De-Clutter

It is so easy to complain about clutter - how it is taking over and stopping you from living the life you want. But figuring out what the clutter is can be the challenge. Do you know your clutter? Step 1 Write down five things that really bug you; those things you lose sleep over and those items you continue to add to you To Do list (but never seem to...
Filed under Decluttering

Declutter your wardrobe by hosting a swap meet!

Is your overflowing wardrobe making you feel a bit down? Do you tend to keep a lot of clothes you no longer use just because you paid good money for them? It might be about time to invite your friends over and host a swap meet! To start with you need to write down a list of guests. Try to stick to a maximum of 5 people and tell them to...
Filed under Decluttering

Confessions of a Professional Organiser

A Professional Organiser is always organised with an immaculate home and office. Click Yes to Agree or No to disagree. Nothing happened did it. That’s because the answer is both. Everyone has issues at some point with clutter, including Professional Organisers. This article is not answering any questions on ‘how to get organised’ it’s more about answering the question ‘How did it get this way?‘. My own organising horror story is...
Filed under Decluttering

De-clutter your bathroom vanity

Do you have a lot of different beauty products that you use on infrequent basis? To streamline your vanity you need to remove all items that you don’t use on a daily basis. This might be products like face masks, massage oils, party make up and much more. These items should be categorized and placed in another part of the bathroom (do you have enough space in the cupboards?!). The items...
Filed under Decluttering

Are you a Hoarder?

I have heard large numbers of people refer to themselves or a loved one as a hoarder - but what exactly is hoarding? Before we go any further, I would like to request that we don't judge or label people but recognise that we are talking about a person who may be struggling with a hoarding disorder - after all it is affecting their life more than we will ever know,...
Filed under Decluttering

Decluttering the chore of laundry

The biggest complaint I hear from mum clients is the endless chore of laundry. Nearly every house I walk into has baskets of laundry in various stages of the “dirty to drawer” process. I am sometimes amazed at the sheer volume that some families have. I do not have a magic wand to get the laundry done but I hope to help you to rethink about the amount of clothes in...
Filed under Decluttering

Rethink Your Kitchen

The process of de-cluttering is not only a great way to de-stress and save time but detox your space. Today kitchens carry out many roles apart from the obvious of preparing meals; kitchens can house our laundry, our home office, entertaining and family meeting room. Yes things have really changed since the kitchen was tacked onto the back of the house; although they were simple, it worked. Maybe it worked because...

Your clutter can help others

You’ve decided to declutter – to make the tough calls over what to keep and what to let go of. The vase you don’t like, the baby outfit that was outgrown before it was worn, the couch that clashes with your new decor – they’re all going, but they’re too nice to put in the bin. The most effective way to stop the unwanted creep back into your domain, is to...

Make Space for the New in the New Year

A Guest Post by Aby Garvey, Simplify 101 (When I read this article by Aby Garvey from Simplify 101, I knew it said everything anyone ever needed to hear about making a new start. Since she wrote it so well, I asked her permission to share it, and she has graciously agreed. You can also read it and more great articles by Aby here. Thanks Aby! - Angela Esnouf, AAPO...

Declutter Horror Story

I heard a decluttering horror story which should act as a warning to one and all. There's a clear lesson in it. Someone called a cleaning company to come and declutter. During the session, the employee kept cherry-picking items she liked and asking if she could have them herself. Alarm bell number 1! The homeowner was a distributor for a cosmetic company. The employee set aside some product for which...
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