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The Importance of Boundaries

I’m often asked by the media for my “top tips” to stay organised and on top of clutter. My number one is always about boundaries. I think they are the one key to decluttering, getting organised and staying organised and clutter-free. When we grow up we learn boundaries; most of them social. We learn not to ask elderly ladies embarrassing questions about body parts at the supermarket, or to not hit...
Filed under Decluttering \ Tips

Wardrobe Organisation in 5 Easy Steps

Can you feel the change in the air? The warmer weather is approaching and many of us are starting to think about changing what we wear and possibly putting away our winter clothing for another year. Unfortunately we often get teased during spring and have to endure several seasons in the coming weeks but be assured the sunshine and warmth isn’t too far away! Click here to read more from Expert...
Filed under Tips

How to get organised - Get an Accountability Buddy

Whichever organising goal you’re aiming for, being accountable to someone for your actions (and inactions!) will help you succeed. Click here to read more from Expert AAPO Member Angela Esnouf, Creating Order From Chaos.
Filed under Tips

Alone Time versus Me Time or How to Refill Your Watering Can

Do you ever feel exhausted? Do you neglect yourself because you’re always there for everyone but you? Do you feel you’re giving all the time? Then let me share something with you: a lesson I learned last year about the importance of recharging my batteries. Click here to read more from AAPO Member Chantal Imbach from Simply In Order.
Filed under Tips

Planning a Garage Sale?

Expert AAPO Member Susanne Thiebe from Less Mess shares her top tips when it comes to planning a garage sale in her recentl blog. Click here to find out more.
Filed under Tips

11 Simple Tips Guaranteed To Make Your Shopping Experience More Rewarding

Frustrated by how much stuff you own that you’ve bought in the spur of the moment but that you’ve never used or really loved? Let Nathalie Ricaud from Get Organised & Beyond share her 11 top shopping tips that will help you reduce this frustration while saving you time and money. Click here to read more
Filed under Tips

Variety is the Spice of Decluttering

Executive Committee Member and AAPO Member Kristina Duke from Decluttering Diva shares why it's important to vary the tasks from day to day when you are decluttering your own home in her recent blog. Click here to read more. Kristina Duke | Decluttering Diva
Filed under Decluttering \ Tips

The darkness behind the sparkly lure of 'free!'

Nadine Wood from Fresh Focus Design recently wrote on her blog about the disadvantages of "free" things when it comes to decluttering. "Yesterday at my son’s cricket game, I was reminded about the subject of need. A shiny and clean new water bottle with a funky picture on it was offered to each child for free at the end of the game. Every boy’s eyes lit up with excitement, but to...
Filed under Decluttering \ Tips

On having a "Lost Property Box"

In most public places where people congregate such as schools and swimming pools or shopping centres and theme parks, you’ll find that the management have a collection of stuff left behind by people. It’s kept for a while to give people time to claim their lost gear. Our houses are also places where people congregate. They come and play, have dinner, swim, have a sleepover, stay a week and generally hang...
Filed under Decluttering \ Tips

5 Top Tips on Dealing with Email Overload

Click here to find out AAPO Member Sue Glasser's top 5 tips on dealing with email overload. Sue Glasser | Paperclip Professional Organisers
Filed under Tips
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