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Legal Concerns in your Professional Organising Business

All Professional Organisers, need to consider their legal requirements when starting and running a professional organising business. If you do not follow legislative requirements and regulations, your professional organising business can face serious penalties. A range of legal requirements may affect your professional organising business and the purpose of this article is to give you a brief understanding about some of the general legal principles that you need to be aware...
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How to write blog posts that get results

29th Sep 14
Many of us are already bloggers but others amongst us are not. In this blog I share my insight once again from a National Association of Professional Organisers Conference session I attended in May. Key learnings were: You need to write as though you are writing directly to the person you are trying to reach. You need to find a problem that readers are seeking and answer them in your blog....
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What to do with all the paperwork???

How do you manage the never- ending influx of paper into the house or across your desk? You know what I mean: the invitations, forms to be completed and returned, bills to be paid, receipts to record, etc. etc. Do all the papers get piled up in a document tray and wait patiently for when you find the time to browse through them? I call the In Tray a Black Hole...
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Get your ducks in a row before the imminent tax times

Are you having problems locating your paper work before seeing your tax agent each year? A super simple tip is to grab a manila file or plastic sleeve and write up a tick box list of the most common documents you need to make your tax return. Write the tick box list on the manila file or on a separate sheet that you put into the sleeve. The documents you would...
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How to time manage: Cleaning your house

Nine ways to get it done! (if you have more, please share). We might be living in the 21st century and have equal rights for men and women, but more than 50% of households I know don’t have a paid cleaner. And I am sorry to say, it’s mostly the male partners in the equation that vote against that expense. For different reasons, but one still is going along these lines:”my...
Filed under Tips

Rethink, Reorganise Paperwork

Without a doubt, paperwork is the one organising challenge that comes up again and again in all aspects of an Organiser’s work. Whether in running a business, or a household, or your life, paperwork can be problematic. What do you keep? Where do you keep it? How long do you keep it for? Rumours and misinformation run riot. So here’s a very simple starting point for taking control of your paperwork...
Filed under Tips

Reduce, Rethink, Reorganise your Handbag

10th Mar 14
In this blog post, we’ll concentrate on your handbag. And if handbags are not your thing, you can apply the rethinking to your wallet or briefcase. Whatever it is that does the hard work of carrying your important daily supplies, that’s what you can work on today. Reduce the clutter first. Gum wrappers, used tissues, loose receipts from lunch. Get them out of there. Rethink what you’ll carry with you. During...

The essential elements - Creativity & Order

When I think about what I love to do creativity plays a big part in all of them. Without being organised can we have creativity? Renowned author Gustave Flaubert said “Be orderly and disciplined in daily life, so that I might be wild and violent in my art.” You can see how the clutter in our life, the day to day challenges and stress of living in the world today is...

Keeping Kids' Stuff in Check

Kids are messy, and kids need to have the freedom to be messy. But I believe that kids should also be given the responsibility for helping clean up their messes. By the end of the day, my house often looks like a Lego bomb went off – does yours? I remember the first play-date I hosted with my mother’s group. It was a memorable new mum experience because I later found...

A Restful Haven - 6 Steps to an Organised Bedroom

Do you dread going into your bedroom? Is it piled high with clutter? Do you wake each morning staring at a mountain of things to do? A cluttered bedroom doesn’t encourage a loving relationship or healthy sleep! Try this 6-step process to declutter your room so you can reclaim your haven: Decide on your vision for the room. Write it down, draw it, close your eyes and ‘see’ it. Eliminate all...
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