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What a week!


What a week it's been for AAPO!  First off, let me say a big thank you to the committee for their dedication and commitment.  Our latest meeting was a marathon, a record length.  We achieved lots of worthwhile forward planning and revision.

Here are just some of the topics covered - the upcoming election, the future of our newsletter/s, the 2010 survey, an exciting new member benefit, next year's conference location and AAPO's Facebook presence.  As well, we covered some nitty gritty behind the scenes but necessary topics, like accounting software, membership numbers and an update on our Forums.

Besides the committee meeting, there were many other AAPO happenings.  We've had good registrations, taking advantage of the Early Bird rate.  The Forum leaders met for their usual planning and development session.  The PR subcommittee is working hard on media releases and planning for National Organising Week.  The website subcommittee worked on AAPO's social media presence and tweaks to the website.  And of course, Debra is always busy with many enquiries, accounting, administrative responsibilities and welcoming our new members.

Again, a big thank you to all who contribute to making AAPO the peak body for Professional Organisers in Australasia.

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