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Carol Posener
Accreditation: Expert Member
Address PO Box 189, Bellingen, NSW, 2454, Australia
Phone 0414 975 657
Email info@getorganised.com.au
Website www.getorganised.com.au
Chapter Group Sydney (NSW)
Locations Serviced ACT, QLD, NSW, NT, SA, VIC, WA, TAS, Hong Kong, North Is, South Is, Singapore
Specialties Residential, Business, Corporate, Paper & Electronic, Paper Only, Photographs / Memorabilia / Collections, Time Management, Project Management, Lifestyle Management, Financial/Bookkeeping, Archiving, Productivity, Feng Shui, Styling - Interior Design, Commercial Office Design, Warehouse/Storage, Garage/Storage and lofts, Kitchens, Other Rooms, Relocation - Staging, Wardrobe Organising , Office Organising, Author/Writer, Coach for New Organiser, Work place training, Workshop facilitator, Public Speaking
More Information Get Organised was founded by Carol Posener in Sydney, Australia in 1993 and is proud to be the first Professional Organising service to be established in Australia. Carol is a published author, mentor, speaker, trainer and presenter.

Carol has received 'EXPERT Member' Accreditation through the 'Australasian Association of Professional Organisers' (AAPO).

Get Organised specialises in professional organising and de-cluttering of homes and office spaces (corporate or home-office) creating 'a place for everything'.

For people who want to stay organised in control throughout the year, our 'GO Concierge' service will keep your everyday tasks, special projects and organisational challenges flowing, allowing you freedom from demanding schedules and offer you support for your busy lifestyle. Relax, knowing that you have your own designated personal concierge and take the opportunity to experience life's pleasures, share more experiences with your family and reclaim time.

Get Organised also runs comprehensive Professional Organiser Consultants training workshops for people wanting to work in this fast growing industry to be trained before working with clients. We also offer ONLINE Professional Organiser Training programs through our training Institute. Carol is also an experienced mentor, offering business support and training to Organisers who are keen to excel in the industry.

Get Organised sells organising products and solutions to help you get organised at our online store including Carol's best-selling book 'Get Organised - A Practical Guide to Organising Your Home and Office', and eBooks 'Get Organised in Your Office' and 'Get Organised With Email Management", downloadable from our website.

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