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Join AAPO | Apply for Accreditation

Please use this form as your submission summary and checklist. We recommend that you work through the requirements and check off items as you have completed them. Once you have completed the requirements, please follow the instructions below to upload your full application including this form with your attachments.

For current member upgrades, please click here to use the upgrade form.

All details provided remain Confidential.

STEP 1 Enter Your Personal Details
First Name:
Last Name:
Business Name:

Registered business name only

STEP 2 Select Your Membership Type
Please check the appropriate box for new member or existing member seeking accreditation.
I am a new member Complete Section A & C
I am applying for Associate Membership (employed or contracted by another AAPO member)-Complete Section A & C
I am applying for Affiliate Membership (member of ICalm or AAPO Affiliated Business)-Complete Section A & C
I've been an AAPO member for at least 6 months and seeking an Accomplished level of membership Complete Sections A & B & C
I've been an AAPO member for at least 12 months and seeking an Expert level of membership Complete Sections A & B & C
Section A
STEP 3 Enter Your Full Details
Date of Birth: / / Gender:
Postal Address:
Suburb: State:
City: Closest City:
Postcode: Country:
Preferred Phone No: Fax No:
Email: Website:
Locations Serviced:
Home Group Forum:
Special Services
More Information:

Any additional info or leave blank

General Search:

List suburbs, surrounding towns etc or leave blank

How did you hear about AAPO?
STEP 4 Enter Your Industry Details
Section B
STEP 5 Accreditation - Please refer to the Accreditation Overview Checklist and FAQs in the Member Area

Who is the accreditation sub-committee? The accreditation sub-committee comprises of three AAPO members who will compile and review applications. The decision about the outcome of an application can take time to be reviewed, being no more than 6 weeks.

Evidence is attached demonstrating completed hours of organising services (which could include up to 50 hours of unpaid organising work).

AAPO Accomplished Member 300 hours organising services

AAPO Expert Member 750 hours organising services

What evidence is required? Ideally a Statutory Declaration with summary of hours, alternatively copies of invoices or diary entries clearly showing the number of hours worked will be accepted.

What is counted as an organising service? Hours billed to a client, seminars and presentations (including preparation time) are counted.

What is unpaid work? Unpaid organising hours could be research, hours worked for clients to gain experience, media coverage or for vouchers provided for raffles or school fete's.

Evidence of completed hours in professional development (PD) activities over the last 2 years. Provide copies of certificates and/or course outline, the number of hours spent on the course, a brief statement outlining how that particular course has benefited your clients.

AAPO Accomplished Member 40 hours PD (can include up to 20 hours worked in AAPO activities or related volunteer group)

AAPO Expert Member 70 hours PD (can include up to 30 hours worked in AAPO activities or related volunteer group)

What is professional development? Professional development relates to training where skills acquired directly benefit your clients. Some examples of (but not limited to) professional development courses are: Feng-Shui, First Aid, Small Business, Conflict Resolution, Professional Organising, Time Management, Records Information Management, Forum Meetings (½ hour max per meeting). Annual Professional Organising Conference.

Why does professional development have to be in the last 2 years? Professional development should be ongoing, and be continuously updated. Old skills are sometimes forgotten or become obsolete and need to be continually reviewed to reach an expert or accomplished level of accreditation. The 2 years count backwards from the date you lodge your application.

What if I completed a university degree which relates to organising? A degree deemed relevant by AAPO covers the hours required for Professional Development. Some examples of (but not limited to) include: Office Management, Teaching, Architecture, Interior Architecture/Design, Psychiatry, Psychology, Information Technology.

What if I completed a university degree which relates to organising but it wasn't in the last 2 years? Degrees completed more than 2 years ago count for 20 hours of Professional Development.

Why can working in AAPO activities or other organising related charities count towards Professional Development?We think that experience gained outside of your normal line of work gives you the opportunity to learn and transfer skills. It also encourages members to become involved in the AAPO and wider community; this could include organising AAPO conference ; a forum leader: other AAPO committee member. Being involved with AAPO or your community supports its growth and development - an opportunity to give back. Some examples of (but not limited to) related community work are: Salvation Army, Smith Family, Lifeline.

My CV detailing relevant life knowledge, skills and experience is attached.

Two written recommendations from clients with contact details are attached

Why do we need to provide two written recommendations from clients with their contact details? To show that you are providing a relevant service that your clients are happy with. The client contact details may be used to find out that you are providing the service that they need, which may vary from client to client.

One written recommendation from mentor or coach is attached. Provide a brief statement outlining the relationship and how your mentor has benefitted you as a Professional Organiser.

Why do we need a recommendation from a mentor or coach? AAPO recognises the value a coach or mentor provides to both the professional organiser and their clients. A mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor, they may be a paid coach, friend or colleague.

Section C
STEP 6 Accept Conditions of Membership

All members are bound by the Code of Ethics. Membership of AAPO is individual and non-transferable. Full terms and conditions of membership are available at www.aapo.org.au/joinus.php. Submission of your signed application form and annual membership fee constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions of membership of AAPO.

I accept the Code of Ethics and Terms and Conditions of Membership of AAPO.

I have not been refused membership by AAPO in the past.

I have never been convicted of a criminal offence

I have checked my business name against the ASIC National register and the registered AAPO members

STEP 7 Accept Privacy Statement

AAPO is concerned with the protection of your privacy. We support the Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), as amended. AAPO collects and stores your personal information for the purposes of providing membership services in various ways. For full details of our Privacy Policy refer to www.aapo.org.au.

I do agree that for Accomplished or Expert level membership my business details will be published on the AAPO website for client reference.

STEP 8 Make Payment
Australian and International
Membership fee AU $150
Associate membership fee AU $125
Affiliate membership fee AU $125
New member application fee (once only) AU $25
Accreditation application fee AU $25

Application Type Fee Description Total Fee Select Option
I have applied to be a New Member Yearly Membership fee plus member application fee $175 AUD
I have applied to be a New Affiliate Member Yearly Affiliate Membership fee plus member application fee $150 AUD
I have applied to be a New Associate Member Yearly Associate Membership fee plus member application fee $150 AUD
I am an existing member seeking an Accreditation level Click here to upgrade your accreditation level $25 AUD  

Payment Type Instructions Select Option
DPS Credit Card You will be directed to a payments page after you submit your application
PayPal You will be directed to PayPal after you submit your application to make payment.
Direct Bank Transfer AUSTRALIA: Westpac AAPO BSB 03-2020 ACCOUNT 191867

Written confirmation of your membership will be emailed to you within 10 Business days after receipt of your payment.
Please make sure you have read our payment policy

Direct Payment Solutions
Privacy Policy

STEP 9 Login Details
Password: Confirm:
STEP 10 Submit Your Application

If you have a document to attach please do so now.




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