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The AAPO 2014 Waves of Change Conference and Trade Exposition has been organised, sorted, utilised, packed up and put away for another year.  It may be over but the learnings, connections and friendships forged during our time on the beautiful Gold Coast will ripple through our lives and businesses for many years to come.

As AAPO grows in numbers of members and the experience levels of those members, catering for all at the conference becomes increasingly challenging.

With almost 12 months of organisation by the Conference Subcommittee behind them, we can celebrate not only a successful conference that met those challenges but also one that exceeded all expectations. 

2014 was the biggest and best conference yet!

Some facts:

• 102 Delegates

• 4 days

• 18 speakers

• 2 Pre conference workshops

• 1 post conference workshop

• 5 sat the ICD Examinations

• 5 breakout sessions

• 3 Master classes

• 2 Diamond Sponsors

• 4 Platinum, 1 Gold and 2 Bronze Sponsors

• 3 social events

• 1 public entertainment and education event 

With none other than the most internationally recognised Professional Organiser, Mr Peter Walsh as our guest, the conference kicked off with two thought provoking workshops. Practical ways to communicate with our clients; moving them forward towards the vision they have for their life and how we as professional organisers might embrace the world of social and traditional media in order to grow our businesses.

As our Keynote speaker, Peter challenged our delegates to recognise ourselves as visionary leaders, creating Waves of Change in the lives of our clients, in the public perception of our industry and how we take on the challenges of growing our businesses into the future.

Our fabulous MC Kerrie Phipps kept us on track and ensured we not only heard the messages of our wonderful speakers but wired them into our thoughts and actions following conference.

Two days of inspiring presentations from some of the best in their field, not only motivated but gave tangible strategies to take forward. Listen, learn, plan and implement was the call but we also learned that openness and vulnerability has a place in our industry too.

A mix of plenary and break out sessions, start up and higher level topics was appreciated by attendees, with all taking valuable tools home in their goody bags from conference.

To read the complete 2014 Conference Program click here.

But it wasn’t all work. 

Our Delegate Welcome reception, sponsored by PROFESSIONAL ORGANISER TRAINING by Heavenly Order, and our AAPO Gala Dinner and Awards night, presented by 1800-GOT-JUNK?, provided plenty of opportunity to mix, mingle, network and kick up our heels. Confident in their systems at home, AAPO members celebrated and enjoyed the company of their tribe.

We are proud to recognise those within our membership who have made special contributions and we applaud our winners of:

                              The President’s Award - Angela Esnouf  

                              The People’s Choice Award - Robyn Schultz 

                              Membership Portfolio Award – Janet Symes

                              PR Portfolio Award – Melissa Sleegers

                              Events Portfolio Award – MaryAnne Bennie

For the first time ever AAPO presented a special event for the public with Peter Walsh live at the QT Hotel. 

An Evening with Peter Walsh drew more than 300 people from all over the country who experienced the unique way Peter connects and helps those struggling with ‘stuff’. 

Joined by Barry Du Bois this event, which supported the work of dress for Success, gave a fantastic perspective on the vision we have for the spaces we live in and how we best utilise our space and stuff to create an environment that makes our heart sing.

Our members assist all types of clients to be organised, more efficient, productive and happy. On the final day of Conference two of our Expert members, Angela Esnouf and Wendy Hanes presented a training day, teaching those working with Hoarders some techniques and strategies to assist in this specialised field of our industry.

Presenting such a fantastic Conference would be extremely difficult without the support of sponsors and this year we had the best!

Our 2 Diamond sponsors, 1800-GOT-JUNK? and PROFESSIONAL ORGANISER TRAINING by Heavenly Order have not only assisted in bringing us conference and all the Peter Walsh events but continue to support AAPO in National Organising Week (Sept 8 -14).

We were excited to have a host of new Platinum Sponsors this year and appreciate the support of

Clutter Rescue

Avery Products

Garage Tek


Our fabulous sponsor levels were rounded out by 

• Howards Storage World 

• Your Insurance Broker and 

• Wardrobe World

Find out more about our great sponsors- click here.

Thank you to our tremendously dedicated Conference Subcommittee, lead by Conference Chair - Debbie Buckley

Gala Dinner Team – Vivienne Lewis, Anna Gibson, Karen Morgan

Speaker Team – Helen Butler, Louise D’Allura, Amanda Howard, Simone Dora

Local and Venue Team – Tracy Malkin, Debbie Caspers

Invaluable team members – Denise da Costa, Noela Collins

Advisory Past Chair – MaryAnne Bennie

And Events Portfolio Manager – Robyn Schultz

The 2014 Conference has been one of the biggest and most exciting professional development and profile raising events in AAPO’s history; thank you to all those who attended and we can only imagine how amazing 2015 will be.

See you in Melbourne in 2015!


2012 Australasian Association of
Professional Organisers (AAPO) Conference

19th-21st July, Melbourne, Australia 

Shooting for Goals, Turning Vision into Action

The Australasian Association of Professional Organisers certainly lived their theme during the 2012 conference. Attended by more than 80 delegates, the 2 day program saw 13 speakers deliver inspiring, practical and on theme topics including

  • Constructing a vision statement,
  • Turning visions into goals,
  • Understanding your financial numbers,
  • Wardrobe master class,
  • Whose goal is it anyway?
  • Successful Social Media,
  • Negotiating skills,
  • How to Run an Organised Business,
  • Using technology to market your business,
  • Be your own PR agent,
  • The Art of Organising and Million dollar relationships

+ Ask an Organiser Panel

American Professional Organiser, Dorothy Breininger whose undoubtable energy, enthusiasm and knowledge inspired us across 2 invaluable pre-conference sessions, an opening keynote address where we investigated what our conversations said about us and a closing keynote presentation that motivated us to take leadership in our own lives.

The Gala Awards Dinner was a chance to celebrate the efforts of members over the past year and we congratulate:

  • Anna Becker - Membership Portfolio Award
  • Carolyn Verhoef - PR Portfolio Award
  • The Cartridge Family - People’s Choice Award for Sponsors
  • Jointly Tanya Lea and Angela Esnouf - People’s Choice Awards for AAPO Members
  • And Leslee Stroud - President’s Award 2012


Our largest number of sponsors and trade exhibitors to date supported the 2012 conference with an array of relevant products and services. We thank them for their generous support.

Delegates left feeling inspired, energised and with a clear vision for how to put goals into action.

Dorothy Breininger 2012 Keynote Speaker and Angela Wallace President of NAPO share their experience

Here what the 2012 Sponsors had to say about the 2012 AAPO Conference.....

1800 Got Junk

Cartridge Family

Jena Dyco


Thank you to the Conference Subcommittee for your tremendous efforts in delivering such a successful conference. 


2011 Australian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO) Conference

Heartfelt thanks to all those responsible for the success of the 2011 AAPO Conference in Christchurch - our sponsors, speakers, delegates and especially to Wendy Davie from Totally Organised.

Click here to hear Julie Morgenstern speak about the conference in Christchurch

The 2011 Conference Program included –

  • Opening and Closing Keynote Addresses from Julie Morgenstern
  • Presentations on
    • Home Staging
    • Organising Families
    • Helping ADHD Clients
    • Successful Collaboration
    • GTD
    • Business Development
    • Perfectionism
    • Social Media
    • Public Speaking
    • Using Video for Business
  • Ask the Organiser Panel
  • Quality time for Networking
  • Gala Dinner
  • Award Presentation
  • Post Conference Workshops by Julie Morgenstern



2009 Australasian Association of Professional Organisrs (AAPO) Conference

September 2009 saw 75 members and delegates gather at Rydges Hotel Southbank Brisbane, for two full days of “Inspired Organising”. 

A follow up workshop featured international expert Kit Anderson, president of NSCGD, and Narelle Todd of Successful Living present to a further 29 delegates.

A heartfelt thank you must go to the following:

  • Our wonderful local, interstate and international speakers
  • Our very supportive and appreciated group of sponsors and exhibitors
  • Our enthusiastic, co-operative members and delegates who are always so willing to share and support each other in our success
  • Our Conference Organising Committee


2008 Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO) Conference
In October 2008, AAPO proudly hosted its 3rd Annual Conference at Sydney Harbour Marriott in the Sydney's Circular Quay.  The hotel was fabulous, the program amazing, and we celebrated Organising for Success!
Professional Organisers from around Australia attended this event.  The Conference was the highlight of the year and a great opportunity for training and networking.
Warm regards,
The 2008 Conference Committee
AAPO extends a big thank you to:
  • all the conference attendees for their enthusiastic participation
  • to the speakers for sharing their valuable experience and wisdom
  • to the sponsors and exhibitors for their support
  • to the conference venue for their hospitality

But most of all to the Conference 2008 Sub-Committee for all their hard work which put together a wonderful Conference we could all enjoy so much!


A Queenslander's Guide to AAPO Conference 2008

Click Here to view the guide on YouTube

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