AAPO Awards

AAPO Vice President Kristina Duke, 
Angela Esnouf, inaugural AAPO Hall of Fame
recipient, & AAPO President Narelle Todd in 2015

AAPO Hall of Fame Award

The Hall of Fame Award was introduced in 2015 with nominations being received from AAPO members and/or the general Public for an AAPO Member who has contributed significantly to AAPO’s continued success.

2016   Wendy Hanes

2015   Angela Esnouf 


AAPO President's Award

Each year at AAPO’s annual conference, the President bestows an award to recognise outstanding service to AAPO and the organising industry in Australasia over the previous 12 months or longer.  Congratulations to all recipients of the President’s Award.  Your contribution is much appreciated. 

Robyn Schultz, Narelle Todd, Kristina Duke and Debbie Buckley

2016  Jillian Hannon and Amanda Lecaude

2015   Debbie Buckley and Robyn Schultz  

2014   Angela Esnouf

2013   Bec Johnston

2012   Leslee Stroud

2011   Roz Howland

2010   Sarah Cottman

2009   Wendy Davie  

2008   Wendy Hanes 


Other AAPO Organising Industry Awards

Rising Star Award - This award celebrates those amongst our Members who are go getters, innovative, create strong and positive change, and who are gaining recognition for doing it faster, higher, stronger.  Maybe not able to leap tall buildings in a single bound yet but are well on their way.  

2016  Anita Birges

2015  Melissa Sleegers

Entrepreneurial Award - This award recognises those within our membership who are visionaries. Those leading the way, at the cutting edge, with a significant point of difference or just going about building their business in a different way should be acknowledged and celebrated.  

2016  Beverley Scheepers

2015  Laurel Grey

People's Choice Award - This award is awarded to Members by Members who think they have done a great job!  

2016  Beverley Scheepers

2015  Sarah Cottman and Susanne Thiebe

Organising Legend Award - each state is represented at the National Conference by their local organisers deemed to be the best at undertaking an organising challenge/competition.  

Semi finals were conducted and then a final was completed with the 2015 title going to Jo Vandeleur