AAPO Forums

Forum meetings are held in most capital cities with a virtual meeting held for members in remote areas or who are unable to attend a physical Forum meeting.  These meetings provide our members with;

  • an opportunity to network with other professional organisers
  • provide professional development to members and
  • non-members are also welcome to attend 2 meetings per calendar year to find out more about our industry and speak with organisers that are working and running their own business.  Please contact a Forum Leader below to make arrangements.

Click here to see dates of upcoming forum events you may wish to attend.  Please note you can attend up to two forum events prior to joining up as a member.

Our members may also present organising workshops for the public.  Check out the Members Events page to find out about events being held in your area.

Forum Co-ordinators & Assistants

Brisbane (QLD) - Forum Co-ordinator

Rosemary Hooper

Brisbane (QLD) - Asst. Forum Co-ordinator

Judy Lulan

Melbourne (VIC) - Forum Co-ordinator

Julie Cliff

Melbourne (VIC) - Asst. Forum Co-ordinator

Robyn Amott

Perth (WA) - Forum Co-ordinator

Position vacant

Perth (WA) - Asst. Forum Co-ordinator

Position vacant

Sydney (NSW) - Forum Co-ordinator

Kristina Duke

Sydney (NSW) - Asst. Forum Co-ordinator

Position vacant

Adelaide (SA) - Forum Co-ordinator

Tracey Warren

Adelaide (SA) - Asst. Forum Co-ordinator

Position vacant

Virtual - Forum Co-ordinator

Veronica Kennedy

Virtual - Asst. Forum Co-ordinator

Position Vacant