Committee of Management

The Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO) is run by a committee of volunteers who are passionate and positive about AAPO, its members and the organising industry and want it to see it expand throughout Australasia.  

Listed below is our current Committee of Management.

President - Melissa Sleegers

AAPO has been one of the foundation stones of my business. I discovered the world of professional organising in 2012 thanks to the then-President of AAPO, and have been hooked ever since.

I joined AAPO then and there and shortly thereafter, established my business Allsorts Organising. This opened a world of possibility, of like-minded people and professional development opportunities. I volunteered with AAPO from 2013-2015, including as PR Portfolio Manager during 2015. I proudly achieved my expert accreditation in 2015 and was also honoured with AAPO’s inaugural Rising Star Award the same year. 

I will bring to the AAPO Committee of Management, my commitment to creating a sustainable AAPO together with my breadth of experience from public and private sector roles including project management, PR, stakeholder engagement, policy development and implementation. 

I have high professional standards and conduct my business with integrity. An important part of this has been adhering to the AAPO Code of Conduct, maintaining a membership with the industry association and achieving expert accreditation with AAPO. This strong link to AAPO has been of great personal and professional benefit to me and I am committed to making whatever contribution I can at this very important time.

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Vice President - Angela Esnouf

Vice President - Angela Esnouf

I look forward to supporting AAPO and its members through this exciting phase of growth and development.  My years of experience, in both business and the many roles I’ve held within AAPO, along with my strong commitment to the industry and the people in it, make me ideally placed to join the team of people moving AAPO forward.  I feel optimistic about the future of organising in Australasia, and have long been an advocate for good governance and positive improvement.  I take great pleasure in educating, mentoring and working with new and experienced organisers, as well as people who struggle with clutter and hoarding, through my business, Creating Order from Chaos.

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Secretary - Wendy Hanes

Secretary - Wendy Hanes

Since joining AAPO in 2006 I have served multiple terms on the AAPO Executive Committee and held numerous volunteer roles.  I am committed to developing the Professional Organising industry in Australia as well as developing my own skills as a Professional Organiser in my business Skeletons in the Closet.  I am proud of my achievements to date:

  • AAPO Expert Member and recipient of the inaugural AAPO President’s Award in recognition of outstanding work in the industry.
  • Certified Professional Organiser with the International Board of Certified Professional Organisers.
  • Australia’s only Certified Professional Organiser - Chronic Disorganisation.
  • Specialist Certificates in Chronic Disorganisation, Hoarding and ADHD.

After 10 years I am still passionate about helping clients improve their lives and developing the professionalism of the Professional Organising industry. I look forward to being part of the team that leads AAPO into the next 10 years.

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General Member - Danielle Atkins

Community Portfolio

Danielle Atkins

I founded Declutter Life in 2015, motivated by my goal to create clutter-free spaces that make room for what's important. As well as my enthusiasm for decluttering and organising, I brought to my business more than 10 years of project management experience in international development and emergency relief including the UN, and 5 years' experience in corporate governance and public sector management.

I have been part of diverse teams discovering and sharing new ways to communicate, cooperate and collaborate. I am now excited to join the AAPO Committee, with its mandate to navigate and steer its members through a time of change and innovation. 

As the industry grows, I am inspired by AAPO’s potential as the peak association providing and supporting credibility, consistency and accountability. Already I have benefited from the collective and individual wisdom of members, and I respect the foundations on which AAPO stands. As a General Committee Member, I will contribute my experience and skills in project management, public sector corporate governance and change management. With great respect and admiration for the efforts of current and past AAPO members and committees, I would love to explore a new model to ensure AAPO continues and grows for the benefit of its members, the industry and our existing and potential clients.

General Member - Nathalie Brantsma

Communications Portfolio

Nathalie Brantsma

My passion is to make a positive contribution to the world. I can only do that if I am happy so my life goal is to do more of what makes me happy. I love spending time with family and friends, meeting new people, helping others, caring for animals, personal growth and exploring new places.

When my husband was offered a job in Dubai in 2002 it was an easy decision to sell our house in The Netherlands and move overseas. Two years later we relocated to Egypt, then to Thailand, Australia, and India. Together with our 2 children we now live in Auckland. Life overseas has provided me with extensive cultural intelligence, increased adaptability and it taught me that happiness is a choice.

I first thought about becoming a Professional Organiser after I created smooth-running households for friends and noticed what an impact it had on their life. To learn more about the industry I spoke with another Processional Organiser in Auckland and the first thing she recommended was to become AAPO member, and that is what I did in August 2014. Two months later I launched my company iOrganise and in July 2015 I started volunteering in AAPO as Virtual Forum Coordinator.

I am honored to serve on the AAPO Committee of Management to share my passion for the industry and help others become the best person they can be

General Member - Sue Ryan

Sue Ryan

Since 2013 I have been creating, growing and working as a Professional Organiser in my own business, Organised By Sue which provides me with the immense pleasure of doing what I love …. Organising and being of service to others.

My focus is on working with clients who are empty nesters looking to declutter and reclaim their home, or providing assistance with downsizing their homes along with clients who may also be chronically disorganised, including hoarding situations.  I have developed my skills as a Professional Organiser through my involvement with AAPO and studies undertaken with ICD – Institute for Challenging Disorganization.

AAPO to me = An Amazing community that has a generous supportive spirit.  Since joining AAPO in 2013 I have been provided with great support and encouragement and have taken every opportunity to volunteer to give back to our association including;

  • National Organising Week (NOW) sub-committee member 2014
  • Conference sub-committee member 2014 and 2015
  • Melbourne Forum Co-ordinator Oct 2014 – June 2016.

I bring to the Committee of Management 16 years’ experience working in Adult Education and I look forward to the year ahead with a bright positive outlook for AAPO’s future.

Immediate Past President - Narelle Todd

Immediate Past President - Narelle Todd

Hi I’m Narelle Todd and the Immediate Past President of AAPO.  I have been a member of AAPO since 2006 and am AAPO’s 1st Expert Professional Organiser.  I am also an Apple geek, love travelling and can often be heard saying “It’s all good”.

I have been active in AAPO as Brisbane Forum Leader, Virtual Forum Leader, Accreditation Sub Committee Member, Forum Leaders’ Leader and AAPO President from 2014 to 2016.

I started Successful Living in 2004 and currently work in the corporate organisation & productivity space offering coaching, workshops and keynote speaking and in the home organising space with a digital magazine.  I also coach Professional Organisers.

I have previously worked in Human Resources and Learning & Development Management.  I hold a Masters of Training & Development and am an accredited coach.

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