NOW (National Organising Week)

National Organising Week 2017

AAPO is excited to announce the 11th annual National Organising Week (NOW) across Australasia from the 6th - 12th March 2017. Every year AAPO runs a campaign to create awareness of our industry, and promote the benefits of being organised. This year, AAPO members organise local events to show you the benefits of being organised.

Past NOW 2016 Event

NOW events were held from 7th March to 12th March 2016 across Australasia. Below you can see “5 Days of Wardrobes” short videos, plus hints & tips from AAPO members that were created for NOW 2016.


Video 1 - Getting Started

Video 2 - Categorisation

Video 3 - Accessories

Video 4 - Kids

Video 5 - Space Maximisation

Melbourne Forum's Involvement in NOW 2016

To coincide with the national focus of NOW “Work Your Wardrobe” in 2016 the AAPO Melbourne Forum has aligned with Wear for Success, a registered not-for-profit organisation which operates programs assisting long term unemployed women and men to return to work.

Their services include: Personalised dressing for interviews as well as providing complimentary training programs. Wear for Success also collect donations to help with their above activities.

Our Melbourne Forum worked with Wear for Success over the weeks leading up to NOW 2016 to run a clothing drive for most needed items especially:

●      Women's white shirts

●      Men’s work appropriate shoes, particularly in larger sizes

●      Additionally, Wear for Success would gratefully accept designer/good quality handbags.

AAPO Melbourne Forum members encouraged their clients to declutter their Wardrobe in the weeks leading up to the event and donate appropriate items to Wear for Success.