Terms and Conditions

AAPO Terms & Conditions of  Membership

The following constitute the terms and conditions of AAPO membership.

Please make sure you have read and understand this document fully. By becoming a member of AAPO, you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions, and you also agree that a breach of these may result in cancellation of your membership.

AAPO has taken all reasonable efforts to ensure these terms and conditions are accurate.  AAPO reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time and members will be advised of these changes.

These terms & conditions apply to all AAPO financial members.

As a member of AAPO you agree to these Conditions of Membership, specifically:

  1. You own or work for a professional organising business or related service or company.
  2. You fully complete the AAPO application form and provide proof of Associate or Affiliate membership where necessary.
  3. You agree to make payment of appropriate fees to AAPO upon joining or renewal.
  4. You undertake to complete the AAPO Induction program within the specified time of joining the Association or renewing your membership (once only).
  5. You make a declaration of previous criminal convictions AND if a history exists, you declare in writing to [email protected] the nature and circumstances surrounding the criminal conviction, your reasons for applying for AAPO membership and your personal and professional history since the criminal conviction.
  6. You agree to be bound by AAPO Code of Conduct. You also agree that failure to comply with the AAPO Code of Conduct can result in cessation of membership and all associated privileges.
  7. You agree to uphold the AAPO Policies and procedures.
  8. You promise to operate your business in a professional, moral and ethical manner and that you will not bring AAPO into disrepute in any way as deemed by a reasonable person.
  9. You agree to operate your business in accordance with all relevant international, federal, state and local government bodies as are applicable to your business and your dealings with AAPO.
  10. You agree that AAPO and/or its office bearers and representatives will not be held in any legal responsibility in relation to your business dealings.
  11. You agree that if contentious circumstances arise at any time between yourself and AAPO or yourself and another AAPO member, your membership status may be reviewed. You further agree to be bound by any decision that may be made by the AAPO Executive Committee and acknowledge that AAPO Executive Committee has the right to terminate your membership of the Association and that a decision to do so is final and conclusive.
  12. You have not been refused membership of AAPO in the past.
  13. You have checked your business name against the ASIC National register and the registered AAPO members and found no duplications or similar business names.
  14. Your membership is not transferable.
  15. Your membership is not refundable.
  16. Changes to your membership details are to be provided in writing in a timely manner.
  17. You agree to comply with all AAPO Policies. AAPO policies are displayed in the AAPO Members area of the AAPO website.

As a member of AAPO you agree to these Terms of Membership, specifically:

  1. Your membership is valid for 12 months from initial payment of membership.
  2. The AAPO joining fee is payable on your initial membership application. If your membership lapses more than 60 (sixty) days past your anniversary date, your membership will cease. If you wish to renew your membership after that 60-day period, you will be required to rejoin and pay the current new member joining fee. Your accreditation status will return to Member status.
  3. You will be issued with an electronic membership card to use whilst you are a fully financial member. The membership card has your membership expiry date on it. You will use your current AAPO membership card to redeem all discounts and member offers available to you. The Membership card is for your use only and is not transferable. You may not claim, or use AAPO member discounts and benefits after your membership has expired.
  4. You will follow the AAPO Member Logo and the Brand Identity Guidelines for the strict use of the AAPO Logo.
  5. All financial general, affiliate and associate members have voting rights as outlined and allowed for in the Rules of Incorporation.
  6. If you resign or your membership lapses, you agree to cease using the AAPO logo on any promotional or other material. You also agree to remove all references to you being a member of AAPO on your website, business cards and all other material under your control. All fees paid are then forfeited.
  7. AAPO reserves the right to refuse membership at its discretion.
  8. AAPO reserves the right to cancel membership at its discretion.

Security & Online Payment Policy 

All transactions on the AAPO website are in Australian Dollars.

Secure online payment

The payment process is protected by industry standard encryption so we can ensure no one can intercept your credit card details. You are protected while buying on line at AAPO.  Our online merchant is Westpac and our payment gateway is SecurePay https://www.securepay.com.au/ and PayPal https://www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/paypal-safety-and-security.

The payment process is protected by industry standard 128 bit SSL (SecureSocket Layer) encryption between the customer's browser and the AAPO website and again between the AAPO website and the payment gateways. This prevents transaction information from being intercepted as it travels between the respective servers/computers.

Customer credit card details are collected at each order and are never stored on the AAPO web server in any format. This eliminates the risk of customers' financial information being accessed by any third-party.

Website Log Ins

All customer account passwords are stored using a one-way encryption algorithm (MD5). No passwords are ever stored as plain-text.

Returns Policy

We hope that you are happy with your purchase from AAPO however sometimes things don’t go right and here is our Returns Policy:

What can I return? 

We will replace or refund items that are faulty such as t-shirts.  We will exchange but not refund items that are the wrong size.

What cannot be returned?

·        We do not accept returns for change of mind purchases.

·        Memberships are not refundable.

·        AAPO does not refund postage on change of mind purchases.

What if an item is faulty?

We take great pride in our goods and packaging so we certainly hope that you never receive a faulty item from us.  If, on the rare occasion this does occur, please contact
[email protected] to let us know.  If available, AAPO will happily replace a faulty item or provide a refund for the faulty item.

AAPO is responsible for postage so you can return a faulty item to us. AAPO will send out a pre-paid postbag for you to return the item in.  If you choose to send your faulty item back in your own pre-paid postbag, we will send a replacement pre-paid postbag in with your swapped item.


If you would like to exchange an item, please email [email protected]aapo.org.au to let us know what item and size you are after so that we can put it on hold for you.  We are happy to hold items for one week.  The last thing we want is for it to sell out before your return arrives! 

You are responsible for paying for the postage to return the item to AAPO and for AAPO to post your new exchanged item to you.  Please include a pre-paid postbag in with your returned item so AAPO can post your updated item to you. 

Returning an item 

When returning an item which is faulty or to be exchanged, we obviously ask that the garment has not been worn or washed, all labels are attached and that you take care to protect the garment when posting.

We can not take responsibility for goods that are lost in transit.  We recommend returning goods via a post bag which includes a tracking number or via registered mail to ensure their safety.

Where do I return products to AAPO?

Please address your returns to:

  • AAPO
    PO Box 1241
    Blackburn North  VIC  3130